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Need suggestions on fish oil caps

I need some suggestions on a brand of fish oil caps. The GNC brand I used caused my to break out on my arms with small pimples. I know it’s the fish oils because I was fine until I started using them. I’m not taking any andro, MAG-10, pro steroids, or steroids. Just so you know I am taking Vitamin E, Vitamin C, multi vitamin, flax seed oil in my protein shakes (3 times a day), zinc and magnesium. No thermogenics either. Any siggestions would be very helpful.

TwinEPA Extra Strength Fish Oil from TwinLab.

You might be allergic to fish oil.

Same thing happened to me. Broke out on shoulders and back…skin was always shiny too.
I tryed 3 different brands…always the same thing.

Breaking out in pimples is not a sign of being allergic to something.

Thanks I’ll give thoise a try and see what happens.


Doc, your response about the breakouts got me thinking…should I be happy when I notice breakouts occurring on my arms, back, shoulders, etc. because it is a sign of T-levels rising, or are there lots of other factors that lead to localized acne that aren’t as good news as high T?

Steve, I think it’s pretty well accepted that there’s a direct link between high T levels (or other androgens) and acne to those susceptible to it. I’m pretty sure that if you took a poll around here, people would say that they’re much more prone to acne outbreaks when taking some T elevating substance or other androgenic aids. I’m not discounting the fact that other factors probably play a role as well, but they probably play less of a role.

Spectrum & Coromega are great, but my real fav is APT Nutritions EFA+, but it is pricey.