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Need Suggestions on Compounds for 2nd Cycle


Hey everyone not long finished my first cycle and while I plan on doing equal time off for recovery I am looking at getting together the items I need for my second cycle and am looking for suggestions.

My stats
213 lb or 97kg
11-12% bodyfat

First cycle was dbol 30mg 4 weeks, test e 10 weeks, adex .5 eod hcg 500mg a week. Pct was clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 40/20/20/20.

The cycle went really well I gained 28lb and only lost 6lb after pct. I gained about 2-3% bodyfat as I was eating 4500 cals.

No major side effects other than I hot a itchy nipple and abit tender on dbol... when I finished dbol it went as well, I also had oily skin and some acne.

My gains started to stall by week 9 so for the next cycle I was contempting doing prop for 8 weeks but I hear that prop is harsher for sides than longer ester test so much like tren it's not recommended til later.


Well if you got great gains off the first cycle, which I see you did, why not run it again? It's simple and you know the side effects for you are manageable

Try test cyp if you can get it. I liked cyp alot, and you run it very similar to enanthate.


why would prop have more sides than enanthate or cypionate? The ester just determines the rate at which the drug will be absorbed. It doesn't alter the steroid in any way. In other words, test is test.

Run the same cycle and up the test a little bit, or try some test prop and npp or something.


The prop sides are not any harsher than any other test unless your talking about PIP.


Thanks for the replys guys. I was told prop sides hit harder because its faster acting... thats not the case by the sounds which is great. I was thinking of prop for the simple reason that gains slowed by end of week 8. I originally planned to go 12 weeks on test e but didnt want to waste 2 weeks of test when I had stalled.

Cheers I'll ask my source on cyp.. if he cant get that I may have to go sust. This cycle I wasnt really keen on dbol all it did was make hold alot of water and a little strength. I would rather a compound that won't cause me to hold all the water.


Whats the goal for this next cycle? Lean gains, mass etc?


I want the next cycle to achieve I ate a big surplus first cycle just to maximize my growth on the first one now id like to keep it nice and lean as I hate cutting cals and i dont like 12% plus bodyfat haha.


I think you should go for Sust or Prop for 8 weeks man. I think you'll like it. Don't know where that "harsher sides" comment came from but I assure you there's no difference in sides. Injection pain is the only thing I can imagine different so I'd try Sust if you're a pussy with a little pain.



I'm not stranger to pain I've done alot of contact sports. I never had any pain from test e at all and I actually like days I pinned... I looked forward to them.


fuck prop, just use long estered stuff for 8 weeks and blast some orals at the start