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Need Suggestions for Low Volume, High Frequency Program

Hi friends,

Im looking to changing things up. At the moment I am doing W4SB 3 day a week program.

So I was thinking of commuting to the gym in the morning by bike (which is a walk away from work) and so that way I can have a shower in the gym before work.

I am planning to go to the gym 4-5/days a week and spend no more than 35 minutes at the gym max.

My goals are strength, and its always a bonus to “look better naked”. I have a long term lower back issue so, back squats and deadlifts are out for the moment. The lifts that I do want to include are: pull-ups, dips, bench press, overhead pressing, lunges, front squats, maybe some “bicep curlz for da girlz” and hamstring curl machine. This gym also has a prowler which I would like to make use of as well. I like to do some bodyweight work now and again for warming-up and accessory.

Any idea of any programs that I can look into? I was thinking of just doing a superset of 2 opposing muscle groups, and finish off with 3 sets of bodyweight work for accessory. However I am wondering if there any programs out there that can be suggested for my schedule??


I like this routine, other than the squat and deadlift part it may be of interest

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This fits the bill…

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“Easy strength” by Dan John looks good too might give it a whirl after my current program is over