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Need Suggestions for Better Results

Hi, so this is actually my first post and considering the immense amount of experience that exists here I am totally a rookie.
I have been lifting for a little over two years now after a gap a decade and also started my TRT a few months ago. I just turned 40 and totally refuse to let any adding years stop my work out goals.
My progress has been pretty okay but obviously slow compared to what it used to be.
Doing a 4 day split, that I keep switching around. Every few months.
I am logging all my meals and tracking my calories.
Any expert advices out there for work outs, supplements and better approach to make things better? I usually find myself pretty tired after all is said And done and I am not sure if I am over training myself or not training enough.

Welcome to the forum. What are your goals (get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, get conditioned, sport specific training etc)? Be specific, it’s near impossible to improve everything at once. What does a day of eating look like? What’s a week of working out like? Are there injuries you work around?

Hi, thanks for getting back.my goals are grow muscles, get stronger. I am pretty active and take part in cycling tours and runs but I am not looking for enhancing any specific sports activity. I just do that for recreation and stay healthy, My main goal in gain more muscles. From the two years of in the gym so far I have been going through trials of bulking and cuttinng.
Usual day-
Bowl of cereal with fat free milk ( it’s usually a kind with no sugar or a maybe 6g of sugar)
Four egg white whole wheat wrap
Lunch is some form of red or white meat with salad and complex carb
Evening snack is a usually a fruit with a fat free plain yoghurt
A scoop of mass gainer after my work out
Dinner is again small piece of white or red meat with salad and some complex carbs.

I tried a a couple of work out routines and lately after reading a comprehensive book on work outs I am on the old fashioned push pull split.
MONDAYS-Bench press (8x3) inclined dumbbell press (8x3). Dumbbell flies (8x3)
Lateral raises - 8x3, tricep isolations
TUESDAY- LEGS - squats ( 6x4) leg presses ( 10x3) dead lift 5X5 leg curls ( 12x3) leg raises (12x3)

THURSDAY-Weighted pull-ups ( 8x3 narrow grips, 8x3 wide grip), pull downs (5x5). rows-5x5,
Shrugs 10x3, bicep isolations 10x 3, ABS

Friday- FIRST WEEK, Same as Monday, ( following week I move the days around so each day gets repeated at the exact same number of times, so the workout schedule stretches across 3 weeks and then the loops again) making sure that each muscle group gets targeted again every 3-5 days.
I use MY fitness pal to log in every meal and macros, making sure I try to meet my target, I just skip on the mass gainer supplement on the off days during my bulking.
Since I started my TRT I haven’t been able to quiet get my calories right, I have been loosing weight in spite of eating surplus as before which has been all fat loss so I still need to figure out a diet plan. I am also open to further suplimentation if helpful but need to get better educated about things.

Looks like you have a good handle on surplus vs deficit calorie consumption & you have a clear goal of gaining strength so that’s ahead of where most people (myself included) start out. I could only advise to establish your tdee/maintenance calorie number then bump up your intake while busting it in the gym consistently.

Disclaimer, I have less time in the gym than you & not on trt. I’m way too new at lifting to try to critique your routine, but be sure to have a progression in weights if getting stronger is the goal. Maybe others with more experience have more to add.