Need Stupid Sports Competition Ideas

Basically, I’m trying to organize a sort of College Iron Man competition to raise money for charity/have a good time. Basically, there would be like 5-10 “timed” events and whatever team of 2 people had the lowest “time” at the end would win, and so on down the line.

Anybody have good ideas for events? They need to be things that you can do on a field with, preferably, minimal equipment, and could possible produce comedic results.

Things I’ve thought of:
5-Gallon Water Jug relay (Have to hold water jug locked out above your head, trade off to partner over head)
Football/Frisbee Passing (running/walking at all times down a certain length, time added for every dropped pass, subtracted for every catch)

I figure the guys around here would be the experts as far as stupid competitions are concerned, so any ideas you have are greatly appreciated.

A three legged, wheel-barrow, sack jumping egg and spoon race.

While that combination seems hilarious, I might have to break it down and take only one… Like a wheelbarrow race where you go half-way, switch positions, then finish.

How about something requiring some additional coordination/strength, as well as speed?



it’s like the greatest sport ever