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Need stack recommendation

I am an exercise enthusiast currently focused on body building. My goal is not to get huge, but I would like to add some lean muscle weight. I am 40 have about 14% body fat, stand 6’ tall and weigh 185. I typically lift 3-4 times per week.

Need suggestions on supplementation. Do not want to mega dose, but would like a suggestion that includes testosterone, ZMA, and either some form of isoflavones, creatine or other supplements that creates the ideal environment.

Creatine is a must. Take a look at the Biotest store (link is at the side of this page); it recommends a few different stacks that you could use. Mag-10, Tribex, Methoxy-7, and Androsol are all very proven products for mass gain. You might consider leaning out a bit first if mass gain is your goal so that more of your gains will be lena body mass. Check out the study cited in the Appetite for Construction column in Issue 167 to find out why.

I recommend that you focus on your diet and training for now. Train hard, get adequate rest, and eat every three hours (there are many great diet plans on this site). This will do more than any supplement. For additional support, I would supplement in this order…

  1. Good multivitamin
  2. EFA supplements (flax or fish oil)
  3. Creatine
  4. Protein powder
  5. Glutamine

Of course, there is nothing magical about any of these. The secret is to pound the weights! Good luck.

I agree with concentrating on your training and eating regimen now. Since you are new to a “bodybuilding” routine, you’re body will respond. So, for the time being, learn about your body and develop training instincts as well as work on proper lifting form and technique. THEN when you have indeed “done everything” and hit a plateau, do look into some good quality supplementation. I’ve been weight training for over 18-years and have been a competitive bodybuilder off and on since 1987, but the majority of this time the most I’ll take as supplements would be Vitamin C and a multi vitamin/mineral tabs. And yeah, I’ve made good gains! Oh and remember RECOVERY is all important!