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Need Something to Help Me in Football


I am looking for a legal steriod to help boost me in my game. I really dont care about the short term side effects and dont care about long term.

before I take I am going to research and most likely wont take any thing that will ruin my future....im not dumb. lol

My friend told me he smoked crack before a game and he had the best game of his life, that is what I want but I will never smoke crack!! I just want those effects.

Some of my friends on the other teams say they take these pills called SOS which makes them really strong. I am willing to take that but I really dont want to get big/fat.

I have been playing football since 5th grade, currently a junior in high school. and I have been working out seriously since 9th grade. Since the 9th I have took a few protein drinks, N.O. Xplode and cytogainer, I also took animal pak which is a vitamin. although, currently for nearly a year I have not took any supplement because I want a natural body, no bloating or worries of health problems.

please tell me what ever you can think of....Good or bad, preferably no shots, just pills or powder.

thanks, Chris


The only thing that came to mind is "fuck off"


Go tip a cow or something. That'd be more productive than make another post here


See boys, this is why we cant have nice things legally, shit like this.




If you take juice every time you time you do juice it wont work as well. Every juicing downregulates your muscle rescepters making you addicted to juice. Your testicles will shrink.


Ummmmm what?

And I just have to go with the OP being a troll. An average troll at best.


Ephedrine, albuteral...


Shitty sarcasm is worse than actually helping somoene who isnt nearly ready for this shit. Someone else may read this and think youre being serious.


Carrots. Lots and lots of carrots.


Gatorade FTW


I"ve read a shit ton of stupid threads on other forums but this one is pretty whack.

WTF guys? It's pretty apparent this guy doesn't have a freak'n clue.

Hey pal if your looking for something that has the effects of crack cocaine you're in the wrong place.

But wait a min. you said you don't care about short term or long term side effects, why not just smoke some

crack, ya big dumb ass!


I'm being serious. I have had read that in the a steroidology website, written by medical doctors and contest prep gurus. The ANACONDA Protocol and a dose of gear will make him an all star quaterback. He has a morally justified reason to gear, but he should be aware of the heavy cost to his testicles, and ways to prevent such a cost.


OP, you had me at "legal steroids" lol

Go eat like a horse, lift your ass off, and report back in 5 years. Try to do some research while you're at it before making yourself look foolish again.


If youre being serious about steroids permanently downregulating the androgen receptor and MAKING SOMEONE ADDICTED TO STEROIDS you should stop posting here. Youre officially a moron.


I think this guy is a troll. At first I thought "Maybe" but when he started talking about smoking crack I decided he was a troll.