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i have been doing weights on and off for some time now and dont really feel i am getting as much as i could be out of weight training. I am 220lbs but would prefer to be in and around the 200 mark at least as i am not the tallest either only 5"10 and could do with shedding a whole lot of weight. I have been doing weights for some time now so i have a good base and i would be willing to try anything without using supplements (cant afford them to be honest), a programme that will not bulk me up but shred me of fat would be ideal as i cannot afford to get any heavier.

I cycle and swim but the same as the weight training it is not consistent. I feel the programmes i get are usually boring and do not push me hard enough. Could anyone recommend a programme that will help me.


To lose weight I usually do something about my diet, not my lifting. There are plenty of eating programs on this site that will do exactly what you want them to do. You just have to use the search function.

Maybe if you listed what you currently eat, some things will stick out that could help you to get leaner.

I will say, though, that “doing weights on and off” really doesn’t cut it. It has to be a consistent, intense effort, 4-6 days per week, no excuses. If you can’t do that, no whiz-bang program is going to do any better than what you are sometimes doing now.


If lifting big and getting huge isn’t your goal, I’d say look into cross fit or some variant. You’ll still “do weights” but not the kind that’ll “bulk you up”.


Well, first, you said you’d like to drop 20lbs. There’s three things you need to get right:

  1. Diet
  2. Diet
  3. Diet

And oh yeah, your diet too. It’s that important. If you’re not eating clean and counting every single calorie, you really have no way to know if you’re actually eating below maintenance.

As for finding a program that suits you, I’m a big fan of Cosgrove’s plans in The New Rules of Lifting. I’m not much for the “guru” mentality, but I think that Cosgrove has a really good understanding of fat loss and how to drill it into the heads of lifters that don’t really get it.

Be warned though… you will curse his name when you get to Fat Loss III. It’s brutal as hell.


thanks for the advice first of all. My diet as such is not too bad, i eat good food but am not really counting calories, i have used a cosgrave programme before, the afterburn one. I think i might just do it again and finish it no matter what just to accomplish one programme. I think i am relying on some miracle programme to get me leaner and until i get consistency into my head nothing will change

My diet usually consists of
Breakfast, Eggs or organic muesli
Lunch, Tuna or chicken with salad and vegetables,
dinner, various meats( chicken, beef, tuna steaks and pork) usually with rice or potatoes, and loads of veggies
i eat a shit load of fruit and am now trying to eat nuts instead of sugary foods while on the go.
this would be a good week if i kept to this but sometimes it just does not happen especially when i am working. Last thing i want when i am doing a full day working is a salad.

I will look into diets on the site and will get back into this afterburn this week. if you could see anything in my diet that is worth changing let us know


[quote]eoinj19 wrote:
thanks for the advice first of all. My diet as such is not too bad, i eat good food but am not really counting calories, [/quote]

You’re still in denial. I was awful about this. You have to accept that your diet is shit, it doesn’t work, and it needs to be overhauled, because IT DOES. Your diet has not worked for you, plain and simple. Thus, it must be changed.


Cut out the rice and potatoes and the shitload of fruit. Also the organic muesli. You cannot lose fat unless the body burns it, and the body will not burn it if it has plenty of starchy foods that quickly convert to fuel.

If you want to do this, you must be consistent. I don’t care if you have to get through the day on a salad, if you fail to plan the food for your day you will find yourself in shit like that.

If your head is not in the game, you might as well stay on the couch and wonder what if…