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Need Something New, Training Is Boring

Afternoon all!

Not sure if this is the right section for this but here we go.

Currently, im doing the basic lifting and it looks like this;

monday; chest/tri
tuesday; back/bi
wednesday; legs

and repeat.

Long story short, this kind of training is simply getting boring…day in and day out. My current goal is to build a lean muscular physique. I carb back load and love it, have noticed incredible changes in mood/physique and overall lifestyle.

Would love to find a program that incorporates big compound movements where I sweat, hurt and love life. Any information/suggestions is greatly appreciated as im down to workout full body, isolation, 3-6 times a week, etc. Whatyall got?


The Cowboy Method (note: this isn’t the Texas method by rip)

I was doing something similar, but started doing 10x3 for fat loss by Waterbury a few weeks ago. It’s only two days in the weigh room a week, but with sprints, jump rope, etc. it’s killer. Make sure you pay attention to rest between sets. I find 40sec rest on front squats and deadlifts to be brutal.

You can find the program by using the search function.

I came in to recommend 20 rep squats, but then I read this and decided I would instead need to recommend

20 rep squats.

For 6 weeks at least. Change of pace, lesson in intensity, definitely nothing boring about it.

Could also run the 5/3/1 “Building the Monolith” template.

What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level (percentages are crap. A description is fine: pudgy/muffin top, “skinny fat”, lean with ab definition, etc.)?

I’m on week 3 of the Monolith Template suggested and it is certainly a change of pace for me. So far I highly recommend it.

Yeah Wendler’s tougher recent templates rock, here’s another option…

Im 6 feet tall, 240lbs, I have somewhat of a gut but am muscley, athletic looking from belly button up?

how are you liking this program? following the his 10x3 template to a t? what results are ya seeing?

I see this program is mostly designed for size. Would it still be suitable for somoeone on a CBL diet?

I can’t really comment on that. Jim Wendler provides specific diet advice at the bottom of the article. I have to be honest and say I’m not following it completely but I am eating a LOT more than normal. It’s a heavy 6 weeks, but has been fun so far.

At that size/condition, with the goal of “a lean muscular physique”, it’s about fat loss.

I retract my previous suggestion and instead suggest focusing on complexes a few days a week (with a dialed-in diet): https://www.t-nation.com/training/rebuild-yourself-with-complexes

The biggest thing is diet. Without that in check there isn’t a program that will achieve your goals. I have lost 48lbs in one year, slowly, by making one ‘lifestyle’ change at a time, waiting a few weeks/months then removing/adding another. When I was within 10lbs (6 now!) of my goal weight I started restricting my diet more than I would ever maintain, unless trying to lose weight. In other words, I would recommend cleaning up your diet, removing unnecessary carbs was my first step i.e., ice cream, donuts, pizza, soda, etc. Then change the quality/type of food. I guarantee if you do that, you’ll make the aesthetic changes you’re after.

With all that said, the program is great. I wanted to maintain my strength while continue to cut down and I knew that my schedule would be limiting this month, with family obligations and in-laws in town. This program is only 2 days a week - in the weight room - and hits 4 compound movements a session. Additionally, it’s higher volume and has very short rests, which keeps the heart rate up. The only thing I don’t do is jump rope, solely because I am too tall to jump rope in my gym and garage without hitting the ceiling. Although, there’s finally some nice weather where I live so I might go outside and start. I was substituting jumps/BWsquats/lunges, sprints, or KB swings in its place.

hmmm ok, the waterbury (10x3) seems intriguing, perhaps ill give that a go.