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Need Something Different


Hey guys im just finishing up my cycle of madcows 5x5 week 12 and here are my numbers for the big three 5 rpm squat:300x5 ; bench 275x5; deadlift 335x5; im loving the PRs but ive become kinda bored with it and want to switch back to a more bodybuilding type split..heres one im thinking of doing 4 day split mon/tues/thurs/fri ..

im 5'9 205 lbs. .. kinda put on some fat from the madcow 5x5 because i was just concentrating on intaking enough calories especially for the later weeks. I still want to keep some type of 5x5 with this program for squats and dls because i feel that those rep ranges I respond the best with for those exercises.

Monday: Legs
4x Squat : 5, 1x10 at 50% of last sets weight
4x SLDL : 8-10
2x Lunges: Hallway at my gym is long
2x Calves: 15

Tuesday: Chest/Abs
4x BB Incline Press : 8
3x Flat DB Press : 8
3x Incline Fly : 10
3x DB Pullovers : 10

Wednesday : HIIT

3x Pullups (weighted) : 8-10
4x Deadlifts (ramped) : 5
4x BB Rows : 5-8
3x Lat Pulldowns : 8-10

Friday: Shoulders/Arms
4xMilitary Press : 5-8
3x Side Raises superset with rear delt fly : 10-12
2x BB Curl superset with CGBP : 8
2x Incline Curl superset with Tricep Extentions(overhead):10
2xChinups superset with Dips(weighted) : 8

Saturday: HIIT
Sunday: REST