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Need Someone to Help and Motivate Me


Hello, I am 16 years old male, 17 in December this year.
I want to start gym again, I used to go got a bit bulky and have lost all.
I used protein called Dimatize mass gain, I did get a little bulky, but not alot.

I weight 63kg, and I am quite tool, but don't know how tall exactly.
I want to work out but this time before I start I wanna set myself a target and a plan.

My target is to get bulky and bigger, but to do that I have got to add weight on but I don't know how exactly. There is men and male telling me there are super fast tricks with adding weight on and supplements, but I don't know what tricks they are and supplements neither and I don't just wanna go and buy some as some have bad side affects.

I would need help and someone to tell me and help me how to add weight on fast, get bulky and big.And set me a workout plan out please it would be much helpful, I appreciate everyone who will try to help me thanks a lot.



Buy the easy mass e-book by Dan John. Read it, follow it, job’s a good’un.


Well the fast tricks and supplements you are referring to are anabolic steroids but at age 16 I would suggest you stop getting advice from these people.

Read up on this website and you will learn a lot.
Pick a well balanced program eat as much protein as you can and you will make gains.

Read the following thread, learn what it is getting at then do one of the programs from it.


[quote]n9gr33n wrote:
I weight 63kg, and I am quite tool, but don’t know how tall exactly.[/quote]
You have to at least have an idea. 160cm? 180cm?

That’s not a target, it’s a vague idea. Targets are specific. “Weigh 70kg by January 12th” is an example of a target.

There are no tricks worth doing. There’s just time and food and lifting and more time. Supplements are way, way down the priority list. The good thing is that you’re a young guy and you’re in an awesome position to gain some major size and strength if you get things right.

Three meals a day seven days a week. A dozen whole eggs everyday. Good carbs, healthy fats, and animal protein in each meal. Don’t go crazy trying to avoid junk food (soda, pizza, ice cream, whatever), but be smart about it. Weigh yourself once a week in the morning, before eating/drinking anything and after using the bathroom; if the number isn’t higher than last week, your mission is to eat more food in each meal going forward.

Dan John’s info is great, like dagill said. But I’m also partial to this program:


Based on your picture, you do have a good base to start.
You have to give us more information about your goals, lifts, training split, height, nutrition, etc.
My suggestion is to look at any of Dan John’s articles since you want mass, as he is like a guru of the matter.


thankyou’s all about the information i have an good image in my head now, and i will find out more info about my self so far thanks a lot


Find two lifting partners, One Stronger than you (so you have someone to chase) the other just a bit weaker (because you dont want to be surpassed by him) ! Groups of three tend to do better since there is always motivation and rarely do all three have a BAD day…

Oh, and what Colucci Said !


Read pretty much any 10 articles on this site