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Need Someone to Find What's Wrong with Me

1 month ago i took something called lugol,s solution wich is a liquid iodine suplement it was advised by a doctor on youtube. i took it, i took 3 drops 2 days in a row after that i felt like shit tired demotivated and wanted to sleep few days later i ate some carbs and felt EXTREMELY anxious like close to a panic attack. it lasted 2 full days it did that to me 4 5 times during this month each time lasted 2 days or more… in between that i took a cofee it had been a month or two since the last one i took, and later in the night i had a pure panic attack after eating carbs i had to take a seroquel to sleep…over the weeks i noticed that if i go keto or low carb it wont happen and make the anxiety go away faster but as soon as i eat carbs over 50g per meal i get anxious REAL FAST like 15 mins. and it lasts a long time !! so i suspected i have hyperthyroid… i got my thyroid labs done by a dental clinic and the girl said my thyroid is fine but shes not a doctor. also i took my trt from 280 nanthate to 200 cyp last month im in the 5th week now and i know droping dosage will make you feel anxious so both combined till i ajust to 200 is going to be hell…also i did take 1/4 of an aromasin about 3 times this month and it seems to make the problem even worst !! i will post here my thyroid labs so you guys can tell me if its fine or not … but for right now my life is hell i lost my job and my girlfriend is fed up with me feeling like crap and over that in the last 10 days ive been extermely brain fog nothing is lucid i feel like im in a dream memory is fucked i cant think clearly please help id be ready to speak to someone on the phone that could help me !!!


Quetiapine: Antipsychotic

It can treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.
An antipsychotic to get to sleep?


No it doesn’t. Ive never heard it makes anyone feel anxious.

Why? Who advised you take an AI on TRT?
These side effects are less common side effects (occurring in about 10-29%) of patients receiving exemestane:

Yes…you call your fucking doctor dude. WTF.

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Is this a relative of Vonko?


i lost my job i have 0$ to see my private doctor and my normal doc takes 2 months with apointment to see and knows NOTHING about hormones and trt. quetiapine is prescribed by my normal doctor for sleep aid when my father died i take HALF of 25mg and 25 mg being the smallest dose available. aromasin has been prescribed by my trt doctor but i stopped taking it cuz it makes me feel like shit but i tried to take it cuz i panicked and taught it was estrogen or something my labs have been done by a dentistry clinic because it costed me 100$ instead of 500 cuz i lost my job and i dont have money cuz of that problem !!! instead of making fun of me why are you not trying to help me ? i did nothing to you

Not making fun of you. You need to see a doctor. You took iodine based on something you found online. Can your TRT doctor help? Are you in the US?

No more youtube for you. Stop taking everything except Testosterone. 200mg a week is fine. Everything else is going to make you hide in your basement.

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Pretty much.

Not trying to be a jerk but you said you can’t afford a dr, and had a dentist get your lab work, but then you also said you have a dr who rx’d the sleep aid and a TRT dr that rx’d the AI. So why aren’t they doing your labs? Or advising you on fixing your issues?

None of that has anything to do with thyroid. What does your insulin response look like? Have you tested your fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels?

dentist labs were 100$ seeing my private doctor is 180 and dont give a fuck a bout me he just wants to write prescriptions at the time of the dentist labs i didint lost my job yet. my quetiapine prescription is from a year old… seeing either of them will take either 2 months to see a generalist that knows nothing or 180 to see someoen who dosent give a fuck about me the type a guy who advise taking 200mg shot every 10 days YEAH…

that is a great idea to test that but what is weird is i will eat 50g of carbs in berries or 50 grams of carbs in pasta and the berries il be fine and the pasta no… so im not sure if it’s this relevant

Not all carbs are created equal. Pasta has a higher glycemic index than berries.


This is not the first time doctors killing someones life. I got prescribed by an acne drug called Accutane. I have ongoing sexual symptoms for 6 years now. My life, my whole youth is destroyed. I still can’t believe i am that unlucky guy we see on the news or horror stories on internet. But it did happen. Don’t take life granted.

@valik_vandall Have you ever used drugs like Propecia, Accutane or SSRI’s? You might want to make sure you don’t have PFS or PAS. We have similar symptoms you described there, fatigue etc. Do you have sexual symptoms?

There is also something known as idiopathic postprandial syndrome. I deal with this and sometimes it’s worse and sometimes it doesn’t crop up at all. One type is theorized as being adrenergic in nature. Essentially one’s body would have postprandial hypoglycemia, but there is a corrective action involving epinephrine that prevents it, so blood glucose never falls measurably, but an individual experiences some of the accompanying symptoms of adrenergic action including anxiety, rapid pulse, sweating, etc. For what it’s worth I can usually stop it pretty quickly by spiking my blood glucose with honey.

Either way I think it’s worth testing considering blood glucose meters are very cheap these days.