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Need Someone to Critique My Deadlift Form


Well as the title say i need someone to critique my deadlift form. :grimacing:
90 kg x 3 like my 12th set out of about 16 at 60% of 1RM (147.5kg sumo), i didnt really wanted to go heavy today so i thought i’d work on form anf try to be as fast as possible doing my reps.
I have 2 videos at 2 different angles and it was taken on my 12th and 13th set.


It isn’t terrible. But, a few things.

  1. Don’t lean back so much at lockout. Push your hips through the bar instead of pushing your shoulders backwards. Squeeze your glutes, that usually does the trick.

  2. Point your ribs at the floor, which will stop your lower back rounding. You don’t round much, but enough that it won’t hurt to work on fixing it.

  3. 16 sets seems a bit excessive. Maybe eight sets of three for dynamic work, maybe 10 if you must but 16 sets is a lot. Too much, IMO.


I agree thats a lot of sets.
Looks like right as you go to pull your whole body goes forward over the bar. which doesn’t help in keeping the bar close to you That would make your back round more and make the pull more difficult than it should be

But also at 12th set form might be braking down from being fatigued


ok thanks, i’ll keep that in mind the next time i do deadlifts