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Need Some Workout Help

Ok trying to kick myself in the butt and actually work out more. I am using the gym located in my apartment complex to start out with. M W F I do an hour of cardio. What I need help on is grouping the below exercises. I dont know which ones to do with which becuase arent you supposed to only work certain groups and then have down time between doing those groups again right?

Also the emphasis would be on muscle endurance and burning fat not bulking up, does that make sense? two days or three doesnt matter and I will make sunday my rest day. Are there some execises below that can be done everday as well?

its a home gym from pacific fitness has three different stations.

single arm curl
standing bicep curl
preacher curl
close grip pulldown
seated row
tricep extension
wrist curl
tricep pushdown
lat pulldown
back extension
low pully row
rear deltoid
leg kick outer thigh
leg kick back
standing leg curl
leg extension
decline press
chest press
incline chest press
lateral shoulder
deltoid raise
upright row
shoulder press
pectoral fly
chest cable cross
ab crunch
ab leg raise
side bends

Your help is greatly appreciated.

You’ve been here since '05 and this is your question?

Read the stickies at the top of the beginner forum. They should answer your questions about how to develop a good program, which exercises, how much rest, and why an hour of cardio three times a week is a step in the right direction, but probably not what you really want to do.

yeah i tried to start something in 05 but made alot of excuses with working 12 hours and full time night school but like i said im only like 15 minutes from work now and not in school so i want to get started again. no excuses this time as wont be going to school im at where i need to be so i can focus on working out.

what i really want to do is loose weight. i cant afford a gym membership right now and the base gym is always packed so i think by starting out at home is a step in the right direction. the exercises listed above are what is available to me and should be good start right?

Most of the exercises that you listed are isolation exercises that require little maximal effort. What you need is a program centered around heavy compound movements.

Such as: squat, dead lift, bench press, standing military press, rows, and chinups.

Read the damn stickies and listen to Otep. He knows what he’s talking about.

MC no need to be rude.