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Need Some Weightlifting Shoes


I want a shoe thats going to be good for my weight room activities.

I'm going to want a shoe I can do power cleans/deads/squats in in a safe an secure manner. I'd like the soles to be somewhat low to the floor for deads of course. I'd also like to feel more stability in squats.

The same shoe, I'd like to be able to do power cleans and maybe later an olympic lift.

Its my first time getting a weightlifting shoe, so I want something that costs closer to $100 or less if possible.

I wear a size 14 in nikes and weigh 250lbs.


Do-Win; you can gettem from Wichita Falls Weight Club. Dead in wrestling shoes.



Thanks alot. Your right, everyone is saying do the deads in wrestling shoe or chuck taylors. You got a specific wrestling shoe for doing the dads?


I use Adidas, just plain black ones, el cheapos. The main point is to have feet flat on ground, other than that they really don't serve a whole lot of purpose.


The thinner the sole the better for pulling also.


Are "deadlift slippers" a good idea? Or the wrestling shoe is best advice for traction and support?

Thank you for the answers, seems like the consensus is the weightlifting shoe is going to make a noticeable difference on the squat, power cleans.


If you're pulling conventional, slippers rock. If your pull sumo, not so much!


I have Do-win shoes, and I am very pleased with them :slight_smile:


Can you explain this a bit please?


size 14, holy shit dude. I wonder how you find shoes in general big enough to fit you haah


Rogue Do-Wins are a superb shoe. I love them for squatting. I pull in Asic Matflex's.

Not enough traction and your feet will slide from the outward pressure.


As Donught says, I think it is a traction issue. For conventional deads, you're applying the force straight down, while for sumos the force is being applied at an angle to the ground, so your feet will slide more easily.