Need Some Veteran Help: Injections/Pin Size

Started my first cycle last week. TEST E 500MG injecting 250mg twice a week. Basic cycle PCT and all doesnt pertain to my question anyhow so i wont post it unless advised. I just finished up my 3rd injection. Im new n nervous so im doing glutes. So I finished my 3rd pin today and I know that Im supposed to be using 1 or 1 and 1/2 in needles to inject right. I look at my needle package after injecting today and almost had a heart attack seeing that it said 5/8 :expressionless: my question is did i lose my first 3 injections?( idk how i ordered wrong pins but i did and i didnt know any different because im not around needles if i didnt look at package i probly wou ldve never known) Ill share my 3 pin experiences. 1st pin right glute went best so far. Aspirated got bubbles, injected 2 drops of blood my glute hurt until next pin . 2nd pin right glute aspirated blood ran down my leg from my glute still sore if i touch it if i contract muscle no pain small bruise on inj site . 3rd pin left glute 3 drops of blood just did 10 min ago. Every pin ive done i have pushed needle in all the way and some. I really am having anxiety about messin my first cycle up. Not pleased with myself for messing up my needles . Does anyone have any insight on if you think i got to muscle or not? Or have used 5/8 for glutes. I already ordered the right needles for future pinz. 5’11 195 lbs about 12% bf if that helps

The glutes can be tricky to self inject. 5/8" long pins are not making the job any easier. Hopefully the longer ones will arrive soon.
The steroid got in, maybe not into the muscle or not very deep. It will still get absorbed.
You can try rotaing sites to the delts, they are easier to get to than glutes. Quads are another option, but can be painful for some people.
You are a noob, don’t sweat it, we all go through this when we start our first cycle. You will get accustomed to it soon enough.

You’re getting a lot blood, it seems. I rarely get any bleeding. My wife pins my glutes and i pin my upper quad when she is not around. Sometimes i get blood on the quad but not to the point of running down my leg. Until you get longer pins, i suggest pinning quads or delts like B_B suggested. Much less body fat and more likely to get it into the muscle.

Thanks for the input. Really looking forward to a successful cycle

You didn’t lose any, it’ll get absorbed, just slower. How much fat you have on your glutes, buttocks? I hardly have any so could probably skate by on 5/8’s but i use 1" 23g to draw and shoot, and warm up my gear first never an issue. You’ll be good and it takes up to 4wks to notice and feel it kick in but you’ll love it. Stick with 1" or more and enjoy! Post some results :slight_smile: Test E is a beast!!!