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Need Some Tips to Increase Fat Loss

Hi, ive been looking at threads at t nation for a while now because my bro used to be on here alot.

I got a bit fat when i came back from vacation, so I started The Real Fast Fat Loss by Alwyn Cosgrove and Chad Waterbury 5 weeks ago exactly. Tomorrow il be on my 6th week. Its going well, ive been losing inches, weight, look better and i feel better and ive been eating as clean as i can. However, although im getting leaner, im wondering how do i get even better results because i still dont like how i look.

These are the tape measurements i took before i started and beside are the measurements now 5 weeks later.
Btw im 15 years old, im just really serious about how i look, especially because im a basketball player.

Weight: 199.2 Lbs -192.6
Belly: 37 Inches - 35
Chest: 39.5 Inches - 38
Left Arm: 13.5 Inches - 14
Right Arm: 14 Inches -14.5
Calfs : 16 Inches -15.5
Ass: 41.5 Inches -40.5
Thighs: 24 Inches -23.5

In the gym, i go as hard as i can, and im pushing, i know alot of people on here post useless stuff about them being fat and how there gonna change and dont do it. but im not one of those people.


i try to eat 5-6 a day, in the morning ,id wake up and imediately eat a fruit and 1-2 fat free yogurts. then my parents would make me some oatmeal and 2-3 eggs.

2nd meal - i would eat some fruits and then some stir fried chicken or beef with alot of veggies my parents make ( no rice, dont eat it anymore ) because im asian thats what they make

3rd meal - same as 2nd meal basically

4th meal this is probably at the gym, i would have a protein shake with no flavour so more protein, something my bro bought from here but i dont know what its called

5th meal - stir friend chinese food with veggies

Now school is starting for me on tuesday, so basically by then i can change all of my diet if not 90% because im going to wake up at around 5 am and go work out / basketball drills, so i can make my own food and at night, i can have my parents make me something thats appropiate.

So from all of that lol. this is wut i want to find out. Also, im in a low cal deficit right now, idk how much but im just following the best diet i can and following the real fast fat loss program

  1. How do i get better results than ive gotten already.
  2. Should i be going to bed hungry, because after my last meal, im usually awake for 2-3 more hours then i go to bed hungry and i dont want to eat because my bro said you dont need the energy when you go to bed.

thank you for reading. and any help would be appreciated

I’m not going to go into whether or not you should be worrying about losing weight at 15 years old (tip, you shouldn’t).

But, if you’re going to do this anyway I’ll try to answer your questions.

  1. Better results? Track your calories.
  2. It’s your total calories that count. If you’re hungry, eat a bit before you sleep. Granted you don’t want to down 1000 calories right before bed, but you get the idea.

My advice though is that you sound like you’re active so you should take advantage of that and of being 15. Honestly, you’re going to spend 95% of your time with a shirt on. Try to gain some mass, it’ll help with sports and confidence. Just be reasonable about what you eat and you won’t have to worry too much about putting on fat. Also, you don’t want to be in a deficit in season, eat for performance in your sport.

Read the stickies. They’re the first four threads in the beginner program.

No, seriously. They’re really important.

Get 8 hours of sleep.

Take fish oil. There’s a great product on here called Flameout. I recommend it. It’s one of the more cost-effective per-gram of DHA products on the market. It’s solid.

Eat the same thing every day. After a certain period of time (4 weeks or so), eat a little bit less. Or lift a little bit more.

You’re following a reputable coaches program. Good. Make sure you actually follow the program, and don’t change it.

Eat protein with each meal. You seem to be trying to do this. I’d have more eggs and less yogurt at breakfast, and more chicken with dinner. I have no idea how much you’re eating, it’s probably enough, but more probably won’t hurt.

The idea that flavorless protein powder contains more protein is bullshit. Maybe it’s a specific brand that has more protein per-scoop, or maybe the lack of artificial sweeteners will let them get one more protein per the same serving size weight, but whatever difference exists, if any will NOT make any serious difference in your results.

Unless you’re using shit protein.

You’ve lost about 7 lbs and two inches off your waist. That’s decent progress. Keep at it. Being consistent will make you more gains than any tip you’re trying to trick into your routine.

ok thanx alot for the replies.

so i should be keeping a really good count of my calorie intake?

how do i do that when my parents that are asian usually put more than a regular amount of oil in the food. they try to make it healthy and i ask them , but thats just how it is.

also, im wondering how do i count the calories in my food? i know to google it and read the labels, but the oil, sauces and stuf that goes on the food . isnt that calories too?

and if im hungry before bed i shuld eat 1 fat free yogurt? and fish oil every night before going to bed?

I’m not sure how to count the oil used in cooking, I’m sure you could google it though. But, failing that you could just keep track of what you eat, and if you stall eat less.

Before bed, something without too many carbs and some slow digesting protein. Like cottage cheese, or a casein protein. The fish oil is good though.

ok cottage cheese b4 bed if im hungry