Need Some Tips After 3 Cycles

Young and stupid did 3 cycles.

Cycle 1:
Test + deca no pct was told I didn’t need any pct for my first cycle.

Cycle 2:
Test + deca / pct did hcg but not much because I was told I could split it with my friend know I know is bullshit.

Cycle 3:
Test + equipoise / pct hcg + clomid + aromasin

this is where it all started to fail. in the middle of my cycle I started to have trouble getting my dick up. Had trouble controlling my urine. and had zero sex drive.

It has been 5 months since all the cycles and I try to do a lot of cardio I take tribulus but man my dick never came back as it was before.

I did bloodwork and the doc said my t levels were normal and everything was normal. he said it would recover by itself.But it didn’t

Do you guys have any tips? should I run another pct?

Thanks so much!


total testosterone :16.2 - 5.6 - 25.2 nmol/l

TSH : 1.92 - 0.34 - 5.60 mu/l

it says:

total testosterone :16.2 - 5.6 - 25.2 nmol/l

TSH : 1.92 - 0.34 - 5.60 mu/l

Have you looked into caber or prami to control prolactin?

From what I understand you can still have libido with somewhat higher estrogen levels. But if you have high prolactin AND high estrogen, you will have no libido.

Deca is notorious for raising prolactin levels. Maybe get your prolactin levels checked and take a dopamine agonist if its too high

At least you took hcg to start up testosterone production.

the fucked up thing about deca, is that it seems that it can cause libido issues for months (years even) after cessation despite bloodwork showing everything as normal!

Happened to me, and to a few other people I know either IRL or on this forum (anyone remember Singhbuilder? He had a helluva time recovering from 19nors).

How long did you have between your three cycles? Did the dick issues start after the third?