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Need Some Supplement Advice

First off thanks to the nice posts and advice from my NO question.

I am a little confused on what supplements (Biotest primarily). I could/can take to better my training. I have some 4-AD-EC I just bought and was planning on taking it later in the spring. My question as far as the 4-AD-EC goes when I take it, do I need to do cycles? If so, what should I take to suppport my off-cycle? If not should I take something with it? (M, ZMA, Alpha Male).

Secondly for now, will it help if I take M? I have some slight gyno and was wondering if that would help at all. Once again, can I take Alpha Male with M at the same time & ZMA? I am just a little confused as to what I should take and with what and when! Is Methoxy-7 something worth looking at? I just need some advice on what to take and what these supplements can/will do. I have read the most I can, but am still unsure.

Thank you all.

Bro, I don’t mean to trump you, but you need to do some more research. Every single one of your questions has more than one article/post to answer them. It may take some time, but you WILL find all the info you are looking for here. Do the research, then, if you still want to , buy some supplements. I know from visiting this site often that members don’t respond well to “explain this from start to finish for me” type posts.
If you have a specific question, ask it on a post, then I am almost 100% sure you will get a quality response.
Good luck.

Thanks I digged deeper like u said and found most of my answers by others who asked them. I feel like such a noob at the interweb now. Thanks!