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Need Some Suggestions

What’s up guys i just had shoulder/back surgery wednesday for suprascapular nerve entrapment. Now im just stuck here sitting around in a fucking sling dying to lift a weight. Only good i guess, besides if it works even though theres only a 20% chance, is I can set up my next cycle, routine, and diet.

Im not sure when i can lift again but i will probably start physical therapy in two weeks, so im hoping i can lift in three.
Now im just sitting here staring at my latest order of Primo, anavar, and eq.

Im still debating the dosages but im wondering if I should run something for hair loss. I dont think im prone to it but i dont wanna take any chances, i keep reading about nizorl or finasteride. A little help with this from personal experience would be appreciated, thanks

No suggestions?

How was your recovery/ injury? I am dealing with this nerve entrapment too. Did you have rhomboid pain? All my pain is there