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Need Some Suggestions

well, i just finished the ultimate tricep program by CW and got some good results(20 lb increase in bench).

currently i have football practice 4 days a week, but its basic stuff(monday we do bench/incline, tues: squats/lunges, wed: military, upright rows, thurs: cleans, shrugs). im currently 6’2, 230, on the ad diet, trying to shed this gut i have.

anyways, my question is, should i go with a total body workout 4x a week, or go with ws4sb? my goal is to gain as much strength as possible, as well as getting rid of this fat. i have a very high tolerance for work loads, so i can handle a lot.

any suggestions fellas?

CT’s Black Book of Training Secrets has a football routine in it, out of respect I won’t type out the routine in the book here, so I suggest you buy it, because it is well worth the money.

From what I know about what I know :smiley:
— If I ever was playing football my focus would be agility, cleans, deadlifts, front squats, dumbbell bench press and row, lunges, and forearm strength along with PLYOMETRICS, ISOMETRICS and NEGATIVES.

I do have to say, the westside routines are excellent. I currently apply their philosophy to my training.

I think it goes without saying, no matter what position you play in football you definately want powerful legs. Westside trianing would give you this, but it’s not really as dynamic as a football routine should be because it doesn’t account for agility and much flexibility.

ok. i hav the book, and i totally forgot bout that routine. i think ima go with it. thanx