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Need Some Serious Help


Im almost 16, body weight 155. 6'1

My bench press is very embarrasing, i fail around 110 pounds and have been stuck at that for a long time.

Can someone give me a link to a workout schedule that will help me lift more and possibly some tips, or atleast a schedule i can stick to? I just dont want to waste any more time and i know i gotta be doing something wrong, shouldnt i be increasing a very little ammount of weight every time i workout?

And i heard if you want to lift more you have to get your body to get used to lifting heavy so it knows it has to make yourself stronger , should i put heavy weight that i cant handle and have someone spot me and lift it up to break this plateua im on?

Hope someone can help me. Sorry for the dumb questions im kinda new to this site.


The good news is you found the right place.

The bad news is that you've got a whole lot of reading to do.

The odds are also good, given your height and weight, that you aren't eating enough nearly enough food to grow muscles.


Here is a link to The New to T-Nation thread that is at the top of the beginners thread:


Check it out.


In your case I'd start with Push ups, Pull Ups, Light squats, curls and tricept extensions. Once you can pound out 25-30 pushups, you are ready to start the bench.

I think you are trying too much wieght and not giving your body a stress factor enough to gain.


There is enough material on this site to give a bookworm a raging hard-on. You've hit the goldmine of weight training.

Now: look up stuff from Charles Poliquin, Dave Tate (this guy knows strength like a hooker knows sex), Don Alessi, Charles Staley, Chad Waterbury, and Ian King. Guys, fill in the rest that I missed.

Lurking around will be a big help too. Threads spring up here on every topic such as hypertrophy, rapid strength gain, mass gain, nutrition, supplements, etc. Read them all. The archives will ultimately answer every question ever conceived if you take enough time to scour them through and through. Ive done all that, and it's paid off over and over and over for me.

These guys here will point you to powerlifting sites, Oly lifting sites, nutrition sites, on and on. The nutrition guys like Berardi and Lowerie and Barr write articles and dish out advice on power nutrition, eating for mass, eating for fat loss, eating for hormones, eating just to eat, on and on.

Welcome to the darkside, young grasshopper


lol well ill definetely look into what those posts said and find my way around, but basically wanted to know if anyone else was in my situation and a particular workout sched. helped them.

I have been working out for a while so i know what exercises are for what , but havent been following any certain kind of schedule which probably isnt too good.

I can do 20 pushups for sure without stopping, but not sure how much since i usually only do them if its the end of my workout.

Im pretty happy with every other muscle group with the weight im pushing, im acutally really happy with my deadlift and squats since im a small guy, but my bench press is just killing me.im also eating alot more.


To go along with what has been said already... if you can't do 30 pushups, then you probably have no business doing bench press.

If you can, then start looking up some of the articles by guys here.


Push ups, push ups, push ups. I too had a hard time with my bench press. I'm 5'11'' and weigh about 160lbs. I've been working out on a consistent basis for about 6 months.

My bench press improved dramatically during a two week period in which I performed at least 200 push ups a day. At the very least. 50 in the morning, 50 during lunch, 50 after work, and another 50 while watching some tv at night. Do that for about two weeks and continue to do them until you can do 30-40 in one session. Then start adding an incline to your push ups.

Once you are able to perform 30 push ups with your legs supported by a chair, you are going to notice an improvement in your bench press. I finally benched my weight two months ago....


If this helps I will be very happy,

I dont mind doing that many pushups a day, but should i let my body rest every other day? and what if im working out arms or legs etc.. at the gym, do i still do pushups or take a couple weeks off from the gym to do only pushups?



Your body will tell you how much rest you need. Start every other day with the pushups. Do something simple like:

Mon: Upper Body
Tues: Lower
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Upper
Fri: Lower
Weekend rest.


How long do you lift?


I agree, your body will tell you. Personally, I would do my pushups everyday, except for the day I was working on my chest. Once you reach the 30-40 pinnacle, you are going to see a difference in your chest, increased strength on your bench press, and more energy for your workouts.


well i usually work out with 2 other people so 1-1/2 hours i would say,depending on what exercises.

everything else sounds good to me, ill take any advice right now, thanks.