Need Some Serious Help

Hey guys,

About a month ago I was looking up a deadlift program that only required one day a week for me to deadlift. I stumbled across TNation’s “The Simple Deadlift Program by Matt Kroc” which claimed to raise your deadlift by 20-50 lbs and even by 90.

I’m on the 5th week now, and I’ve got to say, every single one of the workouts has been too damn easy, even with slow perfected form, dragging the bar against my shins. The last one I had was 275 for a 5x5 which felt like nothing, but the program called for 75% of 1RM for a 5x5.
My max is 365 for a struggle.

Do I just continue this and just TRUST the process? Is TNation really a reliable source for deadlift programming? Let me know what you guys think.

Link to Article:The Simple Deadlift Program

You’re only on week 5 of a 17 week program.

I ran Kroc’s bench program from the book “Insane Training” 3 times. It was another percentage based 16 week program which started out pretty easy and ended up being brutal every single time (to the point I couldn’t finish it the third time, but I was also not eating enough to support it).

Keep in mind, that’s only the deadlift portion of the programming. If you’re feeling froggy, murder yourself with assistance work after the fact, and start scaling it back once the workout gets tough.

Absolutely trust the process.

Pwnisher is on the money, finding Tue earlier stages easy is no bad thing. How beat up you feel after training is no indicator of how good the program is.

Hell, if I come out of a session having hit everything as planned and I feel like I could keep going I’m just happy and leave because I figure it means I’ve gotten better.

If you want to kick your butt occasionally when the main exercise felt easy just smash the assistance but I’d recommend just enjoying the fact that you finished everything and didn’t get trashed doing it.