Need Some Serious Advice

So I’m on Week 2 of a D-Bol/EQ Prop cycle (35mg ED/800mg/wk). I had planned on this being a D-Bol/EQ Prop/Test Prop cycle for 4 weeks, then dropping the D-Bol and adding Winny weeks 6-8, but my Test Prop fell through so I decided to go ahead with the D-Bol/EQ. So anyway right at the end of week 4 I have to leave town for a week. Taking the EQ with me is out of the question (this is a business trip) but I can get away with the D-Bol (oral). What do you guys suggest I do? I was thinking about something like dropping the EQ for the week, so just D-Bol, then when I get back drop the D-Bol and do EQ Prop/Test Prop for 4 weeks (I will have the test by then). There’s also the option of just stopping after 4 weeks and starting PCT at that time. What do you guys think?

Wait until your trip is done, then start your cycle. If your going to do it, do it right. You might as well get the most out of it you possibly can.

just inject your EQ the morning you are leaving and then take the D-bol with you. At worst you will have a little extra drugs in you( oh no). Just make sure you workout and eat enough while you are gone.
And for the love of God please tell me you have some anti-e’s. Both drugs you are using aromatize and I saw nothing in your post about arimidex or Nolva.
Well good luck and get big.

arimidex at .5mg ED and novla at 20 mg ED

Eq has such a long halflife that if you inject your weeks worth before you leave, you should barely notice the difference and should be able to continue your cycle injection protocol with no problems when you return home. P-22

This is Boldenone Propionate (RSOC), not Boldenone Undecylenate

No big deal, you’ll have a dip in your cycle, but since the ester is a short chain ester you can reestablish blood levels quite quickly.