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Need Some Serious Advice

What i thought happiness was really not! I have many questions on what to do, Its not so much your standard should i cut or bulk type of deal ( or is it?). I just want to know if i should drop some fat from my body before starting to get bigger.

My goals are to try to get big but not gain any more fat on my love handles, I cant seem to get rid of them. If i lift heavy and stick to the basics of weight lifting routines what type of diet should i have.

I have been reading alot of articles and books over the past years and cant seem to get what i want, I lack some dicipline when it comes to not boozing but as far as food goes i eat clean and go to the gym regularly.

I recently hit a sort of a depression state from all of this and decided that i was going to be happy and went on a month long bing drinking eating and no gym and no cardio…!!!

Thats not what i want at all its not all i thought i would be and i gained more fat on my midsection…Screw that its not the lifestyle that i want…So just need some help with the nutrition side of the house. Like i said I need to start over.

Thanks I have attached a pic of me a month ago. like i said i just added five pounds since then most likely all FAT!!

Oh by the way i was looking at the V-Diet …any thoughts.

Eat 6 protein meals a day, drink lots of water, and do a basic 3-5 day a week strength training program while concentrating a lot of your efforts towards fixing the emotional problems you’re facing every day.

You aren’t going to make much progress until you have a healthier self image and mental state of mind.