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Need Some Rock Music Help

I’m not too well versed in “rock” music, I’m mainly into hip hop. But I like old disturbed and really old metallica.

What other bands out there have a similar type feel or do you think I would like?

I have a feeling I’m a bit too mainstream, so if you know some obscure stuff I’ll listen to that too.

Bands I like (note- some of these don’t belong in the same sentence haha):

Mainly: Disturbed and Metallica


-static x
-system of a down
-linkin park
-Fall out boy
-Cradle of Filth

Coal Chamber
Fear Factory
A Perfect Circle
Cannibal Corpse

Not all mainstream… some are possibly too hard for ya. :wink:

Thanks sic :slight_smile:

Yea I have heard sevendust b4, thats right on track…now its time to downlo…er…uh…“purchase”… some more music.

For my tastes, I have found the classics sometimes work best:

  • Guns 'N Roses - Appetite for Destruction (you know it’s good when you can listen straight through)
  • AC/DC (Back in Black)
  • Saliva
  • Rage Against the Machine

Try these:
Faith No More -especially Angel Dust, and maybe The Real Thing. The first guys to put sampling in HM songs.

Rollins Band - Weight

Corrosion of Conformity - Blind

Old 80s re-emergence of metal:
Jag Panzer
Metal Church

You gotta get the Judgement Night Soundtrack (it’s a movie from the early 90s with Emilio Estavez, Denis Leary, and Cuba Gooding). Every song is a collaboration between a metal band and a hip-hop/rap band - FNM, Cypress Hill, Ice Muthafuckin T (bitch), Slayer, Boo-Ya Tribe, Helmet, Run DMC, Pearl Jam, Living Colour and more. Highly recommended.


Rage Against the Machine might work for you. Maybe Muse too.

that one with slayer and cypress hill together was intense. loved it. Try a little bit of Arch Enemy sometime. That’s some good rockin’ stuff. Century Media handles a lot of lesser known rock and metal bands that sound awesome. Check out the site and see their list.

My “go to” band to get my ass in gear during a workout is Killswitch Engage. As I lay Dying, Unearth, In Flames are excellent bands to get your feet wet on more aggressive rock.

[quote]sic wrote:
Coal Chamber
Fear Factory
A Perfect Circle
Cannibal Corpse

Not all mainstream… some are possibly too hard for ya. ;)[/quote]

Definately some good choices. Don’t forget to check out Iron Maiden.


This thing is supposed to tell you what other bands you’ll like if you like a certain band.

I’d recommend godsmack and drowning pool.

American Head Charge
Killswitch Engage
Dead Batteries
Rob Zombie/White Zombie

And… I reiterate Hatebreed.

Dan “Listens mostly to Gay Techno lately” McVicker

Try out Avenged Sevenfold

Definitely Black Label Society (Zakk Wylde’s band), Killswitch Engage, Shadow’s Fall, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, God Forbid, Arch Enemy,
Type O’ Negative and Danzig.

i like the suggestions:

fear factory
avenged sevenfold (some)

New suggestions:
Down (one of phil anselmo’s bands, the singer of pantera) this is good, classic, heavy fuckin metal

Ted Nugent - need i say more? who doesn’t like the nuge? quite a character as well, a BIT of a redneck but he makes the pussy purr with a stroke of his hand so what the hell

Motorhead - recipe: lots of speed, booze, english guys who can barely play their instruments in time, leather jackets, more booze, and motorcycles. and a few warts.

iron maiden - this might’ve been said already, but i’m too lazy to go back and check

iggy pop/the stooges, judas priest, probably some more but i can’t think of any right now

good luck and enjoy!

check out ‘officer down’ by a band called stampin’ ground. it is the ultimate workout song. they have mp3s on their website (just google their name)

other than that lamb of god, byzantine, pantera, hate breed, (early) sepultura, soulfly. if you like powerman 5000 check out rob zombie and white zombie (his older brothers band).

hope that helps


Since you like linkin park, and hip hop also… Definitly listen to Fort minor. Their album is called the rising tied.

Try this album from the following band. Very good workout music. Everyone whom I recommeneded it to gave good feedback.

Shotgun Messiah - Violent New Breed

Someone around here suggested Cryptopsy, there pretty good if you wana get heavy.

I reiterate:
Rage against the Machine
some Foo Fighters
Sound Garden
Static X
some Metalica, especialy older stuff
Led Zepplin
some Seether
Stone Temple Pilots

If you don’t want stuff thats so hard
Chris Cornell’s solo stuff
Pearl Jam, (Especially the “Live at Benaroya Hall” discs/album, its awsome)
ZZ Top (Classic rock)

Non mainstream:
Local H - grunge, awsome but nobody knows about them
prething / pre)thing / pre thing A few different spelling: http://www.prething.com/music.php get especially faded love

certian Probot songs are awsome (its Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighter’s band, but metal)

Black Flag
The Clash

Awsome Country band/singer that nobody knows about:
Corb Lund
I know that this is’nt rock, I just wanted to plug corb lund 'cause he’s awsome.

Okay old guy replying here so put flamethrowers on stun please.

3 Doors Down
-Good call on the Sevendust!
Black Sabbath
Collective Soul
Nine Inch Nails
Linkin Park
Black Crows
Fabulous Thunderbirds
Sammy Hagar’s “Mas Tequila”

Steve Earle
Kenny Wayne Shephard

I did forget Tool also.

Note - BMG music has no Tool.