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Need Some Program Advice

I’ve been training properly now for about 2 months and I’ve made some very modest gains and my strength is moving up, but this time has been used mostly to get a feel for weights and movements getting my diet on point etc now I feel I should be properly getting into my programme. This is what I have been doing:

workout A
Squats- just found a new gym with a rack so these should be better now.
bench press
stiff legged deadlift
military press
chinups/pullups- Can’t quite do pull-ups for many reps yet so mix with single arm rows etc

Workout B
lunges- thinking of changing these, just don’t feel ‘right’?
dumbbell shoulder press
bent over rowing

Between these I’m going to put neck/formearm/grip/calf training

Doing ABA BAB 3 times a week leaving two days between workouts and alternating between 3x8 4x6 2x12.
I mix it up a bit barbell one workout dumbells the next, seated/standing that kind of thing.

One thing thats bugging me at the minute is my main lifts are first in my workout so I can give them my all, deadlift for example but then I often feel the rest of my excercises slack because my grip fails alot and other muscle groups are getting the work they need, I think I need to rotate the order of my exercises? Should I split into into push/pull/legs bodyparts or stick to total body?

My only other problem is I struggle to keep my workouts under an hour.

I’m aiming for a good medium between strength and size. I’m open minded and interested in any alternate routines people could recommend. I just find many programmes very confusing with so many isolations and infinate variables, I’d just want something simple with good excercises that I can really start into and start adding some mass and strength.

I’d really appreciate any feedback or advice people could take the time to give me and ant to say thanks in advance!

You’re missing bicep work

531 is a great mix between size and powerlift focus, here’s a link but there’s an Ebook for better explanations.

Also 5x5 is a classic proven program that will get you good at the powerlifts for reps, here’s a link.


These aren’t bodybuilding programs but they will put mass on you and get you effeciant at the big 3