Need Some Posture Help

A few of you may know that 6 months ago I suffered a bad herniated disc. I have been slowly recovering with time and the right kind of exercise.

Well, yesterday I got the gf to take a couple of photos for motivation and I was shocked to see my posture. I thought I was standing normally but I am clearly leaning to one side. I have obviously been favoring my left, or uninjured, side. In the early stages of the injury I needed to do this- if I stood mainly on my left leg I was in less pain. But now, I am clearly doing this unconsciously. I look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa personified.

It has also led to uneven development in my back and oblique muscles. I also limp a little when I walk. I need to correct my posture and break out of this habit. Any one have any ideas/expertise in this area?

I’m not sure how you’ll do this in Japan, but you might search out a NeuroMuscular Therapist.
I found a guy who trained that way but has since developed his own “brand”…and he’s been a tremendous help to me with some isses related to old injuries that ART couldn’t fix.

NMT starts with trigger points and things, but then branches out, rough theory being that muscles spasm and need to have the tonus control re-set. Sounded like a lot of hokum to me, but after a few treatments I found 100% improvement.
I’m fairly sure that in a country like Japan you should be able to find something similar or better, huh?