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Need Some PCT Advice

Here’s the situation:

  1. finishing 5 week cycle:
    Weeks 1-2 :Mag-10 Legacy, 3 caps 2X/day; Methyl-D 2mg. 2x/day

Weeks 3-5: Mag-10 as above; drop Methyl-D, add 20mg. anavar 2x/day.

Week 5: clomid, 100mg./day

Weeks 6-8 (PCT): clomid, 50mg./day

Training was TBT throughout. However, I think I went too low on calories–2500-2300Kcal/day at 275 lbs. Furtheremore my cardio was too intense, as was my lifting. The end result is a state of overtraining. I could really use a break from training for about a week. So, here’s my question: should I take a week off from training (active rest)at the beginning of PCT when my body really feels like it could use it, or do I wait until after my endogenous testosterone levels have been restored? That is, does your body need SOME sort of stress during PCT in order to have a “reason” to maintain its gains–even if you were dieting during your cycle?

Thanks for the help,


keep in mind that once the orals clear your system, you’re going to be in a hypogonadal state…not an environment you want to be in whether you’re training or not…since you said you’re feeling overtrained, it would most likely be even more counterproductive to workout while trying to restore endogenous test levels.
Take 5 days off once the cycle ends and then begin training again.