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Need Some Opinions on This Routine!


Hey guys. First off i did go into king beefs thread and look at some of the routines. I did like them but most of them had no back squats. I have decided to take a stab at making my own routine. Any opinions or recommendation are appriciated. Thanks!

-chest and tris

BB bench press.- 3 sets of 5 ( warmup)
Flat db bench-3 sets of 8-10
Incline db bench- 3 set of 8-10
Cable pushdown- 4 sets of 12
skullcrushers- 4 sets of 10

-Back and bi's
Deadllift- 3 sets of 5 ( warmup)
nuertral grip pulldown- 3 sets of 8-10
mid grip pulldown- 3 sets of 8-10
cable rows-3 sets of 8-10
Barbell curls- 3 sets of 8-10 ( warmup)
alternating db curls- 3 sets of 8-10
preacher curls- 3 seta of 10

Back squat-3 sets of 5 ( warmup)
leg curls- 3 sets of 8-10
cybex leg press- 2 sets of 4-8
leg press-2 sets of 4-8
hack squats-2 sets of 4-8

Standing overhead press- 3 sets of 5 (warmup)
db shoulder press- 3 sets of 8-10
cable lateral-3 sets of 8
delt fly machine- 3 sets of 8
dumbell laterals-2 sets of 8

shrugs- 3 sets of 4-8
seated calf raises- 3 sets of 15
standing calf raises-3 sets of 15
wrist curls- 4 sets of 10
cable crunches- 3 sets of 10
ab circuit x 4

Might add in barbell row on back day if recommended. Any insight would be great. Not exactly sure if i am working each deltoid equally on shoulder day so any help with that would be awesome. looking to start tomorrow so any quick comments would be awesome. Thanks TNATION!


Nothing jumps out to me as being "dumb".

Although, only you will be able to tell how good it is over time.

Sometimes I feel beginners can get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to routines; it seems they're more concerned about specifics/exercises, some formula rather than simply working out their optimal volume/frequency (basic stuff like that to start with - train a muscle, train it again when recovered/stronger).

I knew for me, right from an early start, that that routine would be over-kill for my recovery. Also, I knew for me, that that routine would stimulate my muscles, but by the time it came round to training them again most would have 'detrained' (i.e. the frequency was not high enough).

It's all part of self discovery/knowing thyself - more important than what some random person can tell you...especially if you're a freak like me :slightly_smiling:


On second glance, you intend to do deadlifts the day before squats?

What's up with the warmup comments? Do you mean literally just a little pump set? Or do you mean something like a preparation exercise (heavy, just not close to failure)?


I would get rid of one of the leg press exercises and do some form of stiff legged deadlift, BB or DB. I personally would not deadlift and back squat on consecutive days, but no one can tell you if you'll be able to or not.

3 sets of 8-10 means what, exactly? If they are working sets to failure, 3 sets might be a bit much.


its just me- thanks for replying so fast. Haven't really experimented if my body responds better to higher frequency or volume. we will just have to see. As for my warmup i mean continuously adding 10-20 pounds each set until im at my work sets.

Quick ben- i will switch my leg day to friday and my shoulders to wedensday that will push my traps/abs/forearm/calf day to thursday. As for the stiff leg i will definitely switch it up. Any insight on how many sets i should do. Probably still going to keep it at 2 sets of 8 or so.

thanks guys for the replies. i am also considering adding dips to my chest and tri day. Would that be overkill on the tris?


You're welcome.

The volume/frequency thing is not something you spend all the time experimenting with - it's something that should be pretty obvious as you go along (strength gains comes smoothly when things are done right for you). You should be able to comfortably add 5lbs, or two reps to most exercises each time you train at the start.

If you can't progress smoothly on a routine (that is, even when diet is good), it doesn't matter how amazing people said it was - it did crap all for you.

Once you have a rough idea, from there on out, it's just a case of putting your head down (no distractions/indecisiveness), being consistent and progressing with your exercises.


ITs just me- i actually have ran SS and West side barbell before and just started taking the Bodybuilding approach. I guess ill just have to see if i continue to increase in weight. One last question- would you recommend adding dips on tricept day and BB rows on back day or would tht be overkill? Thanks again


Is your goal to train like an athlete or train like a bodybuilder? In your previous thread you mentioned wanting to be a better athlete.


i changed my goals. YEs i do like lacrosse and yes i will still play but id rather bodybuild. I just like it better. I bet i would become a better player if i did a athlete based program but i dont think lifting heavy weight could do anything but help me right now.



This routine could be counter productive for your sport. Its a 'size/hypertropy' routine

What is your goal?

Do you want:
A- to get bigger?
B-To be a better athlete?

If you want both. Try this routine for 6-8 weeks and then introduce more explosive exercises....then eventually phase in some endurance stuff to

I always find posing about workouts confuses the hell out the person asking. You could pick faults with any wokouts, make changfes or ad suggestions :frowning:

Hope this helped


Most athlete programs are based around lifting heavier weight (relative) compared to bodybuilding programs which are usually based around lifting a lower % of max, more times.

Not trying to tell you what your goals should be, just make sure you're training the right way for your goals.


well my goals have changed i guess. I still do want to the compound lifts if thats ok. i have changed my back day to this. Any opinions would be great.

Deadlift-3 sets of 5
BB row- 3 sets of 5
nuetral grip pulldown- 3 sets of 8-10
mid grip pulldown- 3 sets of 8-10
and then all my bicept work.

anyone think that Db rows would be more effective then BB.


Just saying, if this is modified from one of Kingbeef's routines a big premise of those routines is taking at least 1 set to failure and this isn't mentioned anywhere in your revision.


One set to failure on what? a compound lift or assistance work? How can i incorporate this.


Just go back and read it clearly says, at least in some of the routines, that the number in parentheses after the sets and reps are the # of sets taken to failure.



Why didn't you simply ask kingbeef in his thread how he would modify that max-ot routine for someone who wants to do squats and deadlifts? lol


Mon: Back/ bi

Tue: Chest/Tri

Wed: Legs

Thu: Shoulders

Fri: Traps/abs/calves

or whatever. Get the max-ot book, it's solid.


It's dirt simple. Get warmed up on your first lift, ramping the weights up. Then pick a weight you can get 4-8 reps with. If you get 7-8 reps, do another set with the same weight. If you get 4, lower the weight a little for the second set maybe.

After your first exercise for chest, you don't really need to be ramping up again, just do a few reps with a moderate weight to get acclimated to the new movement pattern. Then again, 2 work sets where you fail in the 4-8 range.


Thats why i said warmup on only my first set. SO on my last set ill pick i weight i can get for 5 or so if i get it ill do another if not ill lower and go for 8


That was worded wrong. On my compound lift ill go to failure on last 2 lift. Is this enough faliure sets? And could someone please tell me how my new back day looks and should i add dips?


I'm certainly no bodybuilder, but maybe a chin up or pullup instead of 2 different types of pulldowns. How this affects muscle balances, don't ask me. But it's certainly good for longer term strength gains, which is still important even when training for pure aesthetics.