Need Some Nutrition Advice

So I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m sick of high output and low success. I set this diet up about 10 months ago, followed it for 8 months and for the last two months I’ve been mildly sedentary(cycling 5x weekly and 1-2 days of weight training) due to job stress and a lot of personal issues including my old 1/4 pack a day smoking habit and drinking. I’m sick of making excuses about it(also sick of mantits) and not working out so I’m getting rid of processed food, sugar crap, high starch food, etc. I stocked on high quality chicken breast, lots of green veggies, etc. In conjunction with this diet I was working out on a rotating 5 day a week split with 85% 1RM at 6x6 then a 65% 1RM at 10x10 for stiff and bent knee deadlifts, pullups/chinups, pushups, bench press, split squat, dips, and some kettleball work with sparse 1-2 times weekly hill sprints and long distance cycling.

TW 284
LBM 207.32(94.23)
BF 76.68(34.85)
CALORIE INTAKE = 370 + (21.6 * 94.23) = 2405
BMR = 2405
TDEE = 4149

Protein - 50%
Fat - 45%
Carbs - 5%

8:00 - 10:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00 - 18:00 - 20:00 * 475 PER MEAL(7 MEALS DAILY EVERY 2 HOURS)
8:00 - 11:00 - 14:00 - 17:00 - 20:00 - 23:00 * 553 PER MEAL(6 MEALS DAILY EVERY 3 HOURS)

Any suggestions on how to modify this for mostly fat loss and very little lean mass loss? Specifically my questions are as follows:

Solid state cardio(walking and eliptical work due to strained knees due to weight) vs. HIIT(specifically hill sprints as I do not have access to a sled)
TKD vs. CKD vs. ???
Any supplements to assist with fat loss such as HOT-ROX or Animal Cuts(I’ve used AC before, but not HOT-ROX)

I’ve been spending more time researching than doing and at this point I feel like there are so many directions… I’m overloading my brain and feeling more and more lost on where to start.

Real simple, hire someone. Shelby Starnes and Alan Aragon both would be a great choice, both have written for this site. They will tell you exactly what you need and what to do.

Or, for less money than hiring someone, buy precision nutrition, read the whole thing, and don’t just follow the parts that are already what you’re doing.

[quote]VeritasViper wrote:
I’m sick of making excuses about it(also sick of mantits) and not working out so I’m getting rid of processed food, sugar crap, high starch food, etc.[/quote]

You didn’t need to make this post. You know what you need to do. Go do it, or just shut up and keep living your life the way you have been.

3300 cals a day seems high for a cut to me. But the big question is how well it worked for you during the 8 months you followed it. If it worked for you, go back to that.

Why not just follow some basic rules key to all nutrition programs and stop trying to make things so difficult?

where did you get that 1.75 activity modifier??? That’s like if you’re a lumberjack, and you also power lift and sprint every day. using 1.6 and a 20% deficit you’d be at 3000 instead. I’d do that for a while, say a few weeks, and check your results. If it’s working…cut a few hundred more calories out.