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Need Some Motivation

Hey all…so i just started lifting again after a week lay off…i am doing a traditional split program hitting each muscle group 1x week…i am sad to say that i am bored to death with this structure of training…i’ve been doing a 5x5 for a while before i switched back to the traditional split…im just not interested or i lack motivation whenever i train with the split programs…

i want to attain a physique like a bodybuilder but i dont know what or how to lift anymroe…ive been training for 2.5 years…i was wondering if this program is along the lines for bodybuilding granted my diet is in check which it is…


right now i want to add back width/thickness as well as add upper pec mass…im 5’9 205 lbs. sorry for the long post i just need help guys =/

If you need motivation from anyone else but yourself i can’t see you doing well in this sport.

And if you want us to tell you how you will respond to a training program…then that’s just ridiculous.


i found hitting one muscle group a week was extremely boring. Now i hit every muscle group every 4 days and i have no problem getting to the gym. If your gym sucks, maybe it’s time to find a new and better home?

This should not be placed in the bodybuilding section. Stop being lazy and read up in the beginner section and read through this sites articles. If training in “traditional” splits is boring to you or does not keep you motivated, then you should switch it up until you find something you like. Although, you will most likely benefit more from focusing on one muscle group a day.

i agree wuth clown face…

but i do find quotes very motivating …type quotes into search and theres a thread already made of them!

Here’s some guy to guy motivation. Man the fuck up and don’t look to others to spoon feed you or hold your hand. Do some work and research for yourself various programs and how to do them.