Need Some Motivation

this pic is ment to be down there before all of this so plz read it then cum bac up to have a look cheers.

easy dudes,i need some motivation at the min as am getting stress and tired from work had to have this week of from the gym as ive been doin long hours still kept the eating levels to the same tho, anyways ive been goin to the gym for about 1 1/2 years i was doin a 3 day a week full body routine and last month ive change to a 4 day spilt.

was about 11.9 stone when i first started and i know a few months ago i was 12.10 and now am 13.5, am 6.1ft and am try to consume 4000kcal day 250g protein and the same or more of carbs.

so its change from doin 8x4
leg press
leg curl
lat pull downs
shoulder press (machine)
db bench press
tricep push down (bar)
bicep curl (seated)
3x week
to a 5x5
monday:chest/BB bench press,DB incline press,dips,cable flys.
biceps/EZ curls,DB hammer curls,EZ reverse curls.

tuesday:legs/ squats,leg press,leg curl,standing calves.
lower back/ stiff leg dead lift.

wednesday: rest

thursday: back/ pull ups,BB bent over row,cable high row,shrugs.
abs/Trunk twist,Cable crunch.

friday:shoulders/military press,upright row,db rear delt raise.
triceps/close grip bench,skull crushers,reverse grip pulldowns.

the lighting is crap so it probz isnt doing me any favours, but i wanna no what you think so far and tell me what you think, i need some motivation so give me some please, rate me so i can cum bac next year and show ya my progress.


these are from 09/09/07




now these are from 12/03/08




ive only just started to do a wider grip lat pull thats probz why my lats dont look very wide?

Yeah, ever since I’ve started doing wider grip lat pull downs I’ve gotten bigger lats. Keep up the good work dude. What are your goals?? Also I am not familiar with your metric system, what is your weight in lbs?? I’m sure some others might have the same question

iam 189lbs and wanting to get to towards the 230lb mark would be nice, am goin to keep bulking till i hit it and see what my body fat% and then might make ma self abit leaner but i think i should be ok if i keep eating clean calories?

Here you go

[quote]DoubleSidedTape wrote:
Here you go[/quote]

whts this all about?

Motivation dude. Heres another one that somebody posted in Physique and Performance Photos…

It looks like you might have gained some weight, but not enough to matter.

Get bigger.

[quote]Otep wrote:
It looks like you might have gained some weight, but not enough to matter.

Get bigger.[/quote]

Typical Texan response. XD

I agree.

Your change in routine is a vast improvement.
Track the weight / rep increase in your big exercises, that should prove you are progressing, even if you cant see a physical change.

am goin to keep bulking till i hit ma target weight and see what i look like and go on from there i think

New routine is much better, but I’m not big on all the direct arm work on Monday,too much curling IMO. Add some deadlifts on Thursday.

[quote]DoubleSidedTape wrote:
Here you go[/quote]

why don’t I ever see females like this? Are they an endangered species or something?