Need some Massive help

Hi fellow T-Crew…

I’ve finally adjusted myself after some dieting, to begin the Massive Eating plan insert regal trumpet music here…I just have one quick question…

What kinds of foods are people eating to obtain the higher calories necessary, while maintaining the guidelines of Massive Eating??
I have to eat 4500+ cals/day which I’m not scared of, yet can’t find THAT much at all of what I can eat to meet this caloric level…

anykind of food suggestions would be great (other than those Berardi posted in his original article)…I just need a bit more variance than chicken breasts and tuna…grin

thanks in advance!

Erik, try a few packets of oatmeal mixed with a few scoops of vanilla protein … yum!! or 5-6 whole eggs and a slice or two of cheese all scambled together, or a cup of rice mixed with a can of tuna and half can of corn (600+ cals in that meal), a big ass steak is good, and whatever protein meals you have, if you add a tbsp of flaxseed oil here and there, that boosts the calories! Stick to the liquid flaxseed oil, not the gel caps …

I know it was late eighties/early nineties fad, but I occassionally use Medium Chain Triglyceride oil to bump up calories. Useful for when lacking inspiration in the kitchen or frankly, when you haven’t got room for any more solids. JMB, do you think MCTs have a legitimate application during a mass building phase?

Thanks for the advice so far…though by your use of the phrase “oatmeal packets” are you talkin’ 'bout them instant oatmeal? I thought they were loaded with sugars, ergo extremely high GI???

The only oatmeal I eat is the quaker oats in a bag stuff…slurp, slurp

keep them coming though people! As many M.E. suggestions as possible! grin

thanks, Erik

i like to top of a meal or two with a heapin spoon full of peanut butter

i like to top of a meal or two with a heapin spoon full of peanut butter