Need Some Lifting Advice

Hi everybody. I’ve been coming to T-Nation for quite a while, but now I’d like to get serious about training. Currently I’m about 225 6’4" with a 215 bench, 245 squat, and 320 dead. I’m about 40 lbs heavier than when I began college (I was too skinny then). I attribute that weight to too much beer, fried food, and a pack a day habit. Now I’ve quit smoking, I’m trying to eat better, and I’m trying to decide on a lifting program. My goals for the short term (end of the year) are to bench 250, squat 300, dl 360, and military 150. I’d also like to get my bf% down. I was wondering how a program based on those 4 lifts, plus the o-lifts would combine with tabata/hiit/la training like in poliquin’s last article. Would it be better to train each separately, or something like 3x week strength, 1-2x week fat loss. I know fat loss and hypertrophy don’t really go together well, but I wasn’t sure about trying to lose fat and gain strength simultaneously. I don’t care what I weigh, I just want to look good nekkid and move lots of weight. Sorry for the long winded post, guess I had to start somewhere :wink:


Personally I would probably attack those issues seperatly. You should be able to nail those maxes easy. Since they are powerlifting type goals I might take a westside for skinny bastards type approach. While doing this work in sprint work two times a week and some longer cardio two times a week if you can find the time.
Then when you hit those maxs go on what is essentially a cutting phase. This may also be a god time to do a more body builder like program of the “Waterbury Method” something like that.
Other than that, keep your diet clean and you body active and you should see some results in a timeley fashion.


Thanks, I just came up with this split, do you think this would work. I prefer lower volume workouts more often, so it looks alright to me, but I’d like some input.

Monday: Lower body ME + accessory work (RDL’s, single-leg squats, etc.)

Tuesday: Upper body repetition + upper body pulling (vert. and/or horiz.) + 30 min cardio

Wednesday: Power cleans/snatches + military/push press/push jerk

Thurday: Tabata/sprint intervals

Friday: Upper body ME + rear delt/upper back/external rotation + accessory work (DB bench various angles, tricep stuff, etc.)

Sat/Sun: Off or some light cardio

looks okay. I’m not as up on my O lifts as I need to be but it looks like you have a little repetition with the upper body on day 2 and O on day 3. you may want to switch day 1 and 2 or 3 and 4.

one further issue on review. I see your cardio, but I don’t tend to think of that as legs. I tend to think of O lifts as total body. You may want another legs day. maybe:

1: ME chest
2: ME legs
3: rest
4: O
5: rest
6: Rep/Dyn Chest
7: Rep/Dyn legs

With cardio schedule like:
1: 25 min run/bike
2: rest
3: swim
4: rest
5: sprint
6: atheltes choice(do something, but it’s up it you, keep it light)
7: sprint

Those are my views. Your program is good, I’m just giving my two bits.

The other thing you an throw in is a non seven day schedule. I like to keep a 3 or 8 day schedule. Basically do it then repeat when it’s done. Some people like having every monday be legs or some thing, personally I like to change it up.