Need Some Knowledge: First Cycle at 21 or Wait?

hey , istart lifting weight at 13 now im 21 . i i only stop at 18 and now i train for 2 year smarter then before. i count macro.5ft10 weight 165 lbs morning weight 10% bf. i currently eat 80g fat 175 prot 500 carbs. I have start deadlift 2year ago best is3x12 315lbs max 455. squat 315 3x5 . bench max 290 ohp 3x12 135lbs. iwant to do 500mg test\week .is that okay for my age or need to reach full maturiti first. because i want to do only 1 for 3-4 month just to feel like a machine …for the pump. and how to come off i want to see a doc to see my level after. the reason why i stop trainning is that i have take at 18 200mg\week iwas weight 160 10%and after 2month 194lbs the gain in the last week was insane in strenght . didnt do apct

or doing blast and cruise is the only way to do steroid ?

I would seriously reach your natural potential before officially doing cycles. At age 21 and 165 lbs you still have about 40 lbs of muscle you can gain naturally. Train hard, eat big, stay disciplined, and want it more than anything and you’ll become a 200 lbs beast without 500mg/test.

Then when you’ve reached that point you will start leveling off and progress will be hard to come by. That’s when you make the decision to start doing cycles. So please hold off and start getting really serious about your diet and training. Max out first.

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