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Need Some Keto Advice

I’ve been doing the T-Dawg (CKD) for awhile now with thermogenic aids and Androsol - best results of my life. But as all good things must come to an end, I’ve got to take a break from these supplements after overextended usage. Any advice or tips on training and/or diet which will help me continue the T-Dawg diet successfully without the “help”. I’m a little worried about fat regain and/or muscle loss, not to mention energy levels, without them. Definitely want to stay with the diet though . thanks

I think you’ll be okay w/o the Androsol for a while. The thermogenics are a little trickier, in fact, I’m going through that phase where it’s time to 86 the EC for a while. Best advice I can give is to not go cold turkey, especially if you’ve been on them for en extended period. Taper your EC doses, and if you find energy levels lacking for workouts try Power Drive. Tyrosine and gingko is an excellent combination not to mention the added things in it. There is another one I am experimenting with that I like and that is Vinpocetine. The one I have also contains a dose of green tea extract. If you stick w. a T-Dawg approach it is doubtful you’ll regain much fat. The thing you have to watch out is the carbs, and if you go back to a standard carb based plan, add them back in slowly. Most of that initial weight regain will be water, not fat.

Teddykgb is pretty much right. As long as you stick with the diet, you won’t rebound simply from laying off the supplements. You may need a little more will power however without the fat burners- especially if you were using something that blunted your appetite. Ditch the ephedra-based stuff and go with straight caffeine for a while. Then maybe use Power Drive. Glad the diet works for you!

Thanks for the advice guys. I do have an ample supply of Tribex 500 which I will use and Powerdrive/Tyrosine sounds like a good idea.

Shouldn’t I take some time off of caffeine though along with the ephedra? I was planning on tapering off dosages shortly. My body seems to have adjusted to the stack’s effects somewhat. I suppose long-term caffeine usage is nothing new to anyone American.

I suppose I might have to watch carbs and total calories more carefully as I won't have the increased metabolic rate from the thermogenics. DEFINITELY GONNA STAY T-DAWG though. I haven't done one iota of aerobics and the fat loss is remarkable. Since I'm not constantly aerobically zonked, I can still maintain my strength in the gym as well. This website is a beautiful thing!