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Need Some Inspiration>>

All I can say is WOW.

Read the article, then watch the vid at the bottom


Ok, I cried.

Awesome. Thanks. One of those, your problems aren’t that bad so quit worrying and whining, moments. That Dad is a T-Man among t-men and a beast.

Thats been posted here a couple of times, but no matter how many times I see it, it has the same effect.

I think TC should personally give that guy a T-man ID card.

That is unbelievable…wow, T-Man for sure.

Wow, very very touching. It makes me never want to complain about arthritis in my elbows again.

[quote]bigdawg011 wrote:
Ok, I cried.[/quote]

I did too. Wow! That was an amazing story.

[quote]Mod Laurie wrote:
bigdawg011 wrote:
Ok, I cried.

I did too. Wow! That was an amazing story.[/quote]

Make that three. I cry every time I read it – that is the first time I have seen video of his wonderful act as a father.

Heavy stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Thats the quality of father that I am hoping to be one day.