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Need Some Insight

i am 22 5’7 and 190 pounds
i have no clue what bf% but lets say im not close to being thin or being in the “athletic” state i’d like to be in

i have recently lost 70 some pounds since jan, and still have alot or so it seems of fat to lose.

i do not want to get my weight below 165-170 i just dont have the frame for it (so i think)
i am big boned and broad shouldered.

i have been following the MENS HEALTH ABS DIET for a while, then just took its basics and carried it onward for months eating 6 days a week of clean food

i am ready to swtich things up and really shed the gut, what can i do

i am finding it hard to understand some of these plans i find on this site.

can someone show me a workout plan that is designed to build or maintain muscle while im still cutting fat.

if anyone can help, it would be really apprechiated.



Are you sure that you want to lose most of the fat and then bulk up? Because of the fat cells you allready have, bulking up without gaining fat could prove to be extremely difficult for you. Why not use the energy stored in your fat cells to build muscle (while consuming enough protein to make it happen)?

You would slowly change your body composition (or rapidly if untrained), but it would be faster than dieting down and then bulking up with the risk of gaining a lot of extra fat, then dieting down again, you probably get the picture…

There is a good bit of info on this in the beginners forum. Understanding most of this stuff with any depth is very difficult. Just try to find a program that fits your goals, and understanding will come with practice.

No offense, but you’re asking for the holy grail of training… You have to be extremely strict in your diet, training, and sleep habits to gain muscle and lose fat.

Why not just keep doing what you’re doing until it doesn’t work anymore? Then you can start bulking. Or, if you want to, you could start bulking now and try to strip the fat off later.

Doing both at once is hard unless you already don’t have much muscle (newbies can make incredible gains).

Maybe it is time to switch things up a bit, stop dieting so heavily for a while so that you can ramp up the metabolism and maybe put on some muscle… it would make it easier to get to whatever eventual goals you set.

And yes, I’m afraid I’m going to pimp my own thread…:wink:


Do some reading, you’ll find links to all kinds of things in there from losing fat, gaining muscle, workouts, gym etiquette and whatever else you might want.

Anyway, if you do a bit of reading and get a bit more specific in your questions, I’m sure lots of people will try to help you out.

thanks alot for the quick replies.

so before i go dive into a shit load of reading. you guys suggest maybe i do a mild bulk?

i do have lots of fat left and i know its impossible to lose the fat and gain mass at the same time becasue of the deficit and surpluss in cals needed.

i never really thought of bulking before given that i have lots of fat to lose in the meantime.


If you haven’t done a lot of serious lifting yet, but have mainly dieted, then you should be able to throw on some muscle mass quickly as a beginner.

That will help you a great deal down the road when you are trying to lean out.

Basically, your muscle mass is your metabolism… and that is where your fat will be burnt off. Maybe not exactly true, but a decent way to look at it.

Lift to build muscle. Muscle burns calories. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will be able to burn. That will make cutting easier later on, when you have muscle.

I don?t think that any of us suggests that you should try to gain weight. If you eat enough clean calories to maintain weight and lift, your weight should stay the same but your body composition should change dramatically.

Muscle consumes calories constantly, so having more muscle helps lose weight even when you’re sitting around doing nothing. If you try bulking up, you could wind up losing a lot of fat doing it.

Dieting almost always results in at least some muscle loss. Your weight loss so far has been great, but if you do it too much it can have the paradoxical effect of making it easier for you to gain and maintain fat by signaling your body to store fat on the one hand and by muscle loss lowering your body’s daily calorie burning on the other.

So you may be coming to a point where you want to ignore the scale and just work on increasing muscle mass and general health – strength, flexibility, endurance, etc. Your weight may even go up sometimes as muscle replaces lighter fat, so the scale after a while can serve to do little more than screw up your confidence and make you misunderstand your progress. It might be time to set different goals, like, I want to be able to easily touch my toes, or I want to be squatting X more pounds in X months, or, I want to be able to run or bike all the way up a hill that’s too tough for me now. Goals like that will make you healthier with the fat you carry, and help you eventually trim it way down and get rid of it.