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need some input

Hey do any of you have any hard core motivational saying you chant to your self while you lift. I know I do and I have the posted all over my house. I would like to hear some of yours… Maybe I could use a few of them when I am jammed under a squat rack… Thanks for your help.

I’ll pass, I don’t think the ladies reading the forum really want to hear my gutter mouth comments. :-o

Kahuna: would it help to let you know that I too, can be a real “potty mouth” when I lift? Especially when I miss a lift. Just ask Ko.

my energy is at it’s maximum, an unknown strength envelops me!


I just keep saying “No Pain!” especially when it hurts…It really does seem to help.

I think about how much of a pussy I am for wanting to quit. In fact towards the end of the lift, usually squat, I’ll typically call myself a pussy aloud and bang out another sweaty muscle destroying rep. I also release a slight growl deep in my throat on a final rep or two…i don’t know why i do this but it definitely helps…


also on occasion…


No chants just a low growl sometimes. One key thing, make sure you don’t feel like you have to fart before you start the lift. It’s tough to get your spotter to be there when you need them if you aren’t careful.

Freebie: that was pretty funny! LOL

I also like to yell out "whimp!" to Ko right before he begins his set. That usually works for him.....:-)

Here are a few of mine: “No scrubs!” “Come on!” “Sht!" "Fckin’ A!” These usually are grunted out followed by a growl. It’s not like I intentionally say most of these things, they just come flying out when I’m stressing. :wink:

i say “you’re f’n nothing bitch, NOTHING!” i’m also quite fond of “AAAAH!”. I work out in my basement though, so i can get away with this more than someone in a gym.

I always tell myself if I can’t do it I’m a pussy. Regarding farting; I always fart when I do decline situps. Kind of sucks when the gym hottie is rather close by too. =\

There are no I can’ts, only I won’ts.

I cycle my training kinda like ian king recomends were the first week or two is sub failure and the last week in a 3 week mesocycle is ball busting.
In week one i walk in and im my attitude is neutral i just gotta get the job done. (i still work as damn hard i just dont fire up and focus more on technique being perfect)
In week 2 im a tad more excited and know i have to push myself
in week 3 training is permanently on my mind
i walk into the gym and tell myself the weights are affraid of me. they are too fucking scared to resist me. then i tell that they are. I dont call myself pussy like some other posters said FUCK NO im the fucking man its the weights that are pussy, and they cant do a thing about it. if im doing more reps i might combine telling myself ‘NO PAIN’ as well as calling the weights fucking pussy ‘c#nts’. I dare them to stop me teasing them, come on you pussy c#nts how the fuck are you going to stop me…fucking pussies.
between sets im thinking about my next set and how im going to kill the weights.

this is very taxing though, so you really do (well i do, … you may not cause i dont know what you are capable of) need to take the next week pretty easy like i described in week 1.

Have you seen the movie “Over the Top”? Did you see how Bull Hurley talked to Hawk? That’s the way you’ve got to talk to the bar. Growl to the bar “You ain’t shit!!!”.

A simple grunt works for me.

To Steve F: Nothing wrong with farting (In boxing/kickboxing, its common to drop bombs when throwing them). As we always said in Kickboxing, "Never trust a man who doesn't fart, 'cause he's holding something back. "

Just when I feel like I can’t get that last bench press rep up, I imagine that Bill Phillips is standing behind me, spotting me, telling me I can do it - and as I scream “BODY FOR LIFE” my arms tremble violently and the bar crashes onto my head… what a pump.

I encourage all my Body-For-Life champions to chant “I AM BUILDING MY BODY FOR LIFE!!!”

Spanky: LOL, man, LOL. I’m getting a hilarious visual.