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Need some input on my workout plans.

Hey guys I need some quick input. Here’s my situation. I am 29 years old 5 foot 10 200lbs at 14% Body Fat. I plan on starting meltdown training and the Fat Fast diet for the next 6 weeks. I would like to get down to 10% or lower body fat %. Following this I plan on starting a mass/strength cycle with the emphasis being on gaining lean mass. My problem seems to be that I gain more fat than lean mass on higher calorie diets. Especially when I cut out cardio to maximize my size gains. Any advice on these next two phases of my training would be appreciated. I would eventually like to be at my current weight 200lbs with below 10% bodyfat. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Lyle Mcdonald once wrote that someone asked him what the best diet was that they should go on, and he replied “Anyone that you’ll stick with”. I’d suggest trying fat fast (only with Androsol), and if you can’t stick with it try T-Dawg. I’m using that now with meltdown for the next 3 weeks preparing for a 12 week mag-10 cycle, and it’s working great. After the meltdown, I’d use the 2 week on 2 week off method, preferrably with mag-10. Judging by some of the posts from the guys on here, I’d bet you’d be pretty happy with a 9-12 lb. gain in two weeks with only a 1% bf increase.

F/F and Meltdown for 6 weeks? phew! IMHO it is too big an ask, from personal experience and from what others have posted I would reduce that down to about 4 weeks otherwise you’ll be exhausted. Why start FF and do some strength low rep stuff ala Pavel for 2-3 weeks basically 3-5 reps never to failure compound moves, and then Meltdown for 4 weeks, Don Alessi wrote that it is very effective after a strength phase. That way you’ve got 6 weeks FF (is that a bit long?)and you won’t be so wrecked at the end. Re the fat gain on mass cycle, why not just carry on with the cardio?

Ok, let’s say that you want to shred down to 8% bf. For you, that’s a 12 pound fat loss. That’s doable in six weeks, especially considering your diet of choice. That will put you at 188 lbs. Then you’ll probably want to pack on about 18 (or more) lbs of total weight, with most of that coming from muscle. Then diet off the fat and you’ll be very close to where you want to be.

If you’re going the Fat Fast route, be sure to use Androsol (or something similar) to preserve the lean mass you have. The diet works like a charm (IF you can stick to it), but it will literally strip off muscle without an androgen of some type. Also, after a keto diet like the one you’re adopting, your body is primed and ready to gain fat. Be very careful coming off of it, slowly adding calories and carbs, possibly over a few weeks. As for your mass building phase, I recommend that you carefully manipulate your macronutrient ratios and, I know this sucks, keep a detailed food log. This will help you to avoid getting too blubbery, but you should be ready to say “bye-bye” to your abs for a while. Far too many guys stunt their own progress in the gym because they refuse to put on a little fat. To build, you need to go hypocaloric, and for most of us that means getting a little pudgy, at least for a while. Make sure to get adequate amounts of healthful fats as well, as they are very anabolic. Also, without them, your body can go into a “fat starvation” mode and pump the little dietary fat you do consume into adipose tissue instead of using it for various metabolic processes better suited to your goals. If you gain more fat than lean mass on a bulking cycle, and your training is together, the problem almost certainly has to be your diet. Good luck!

Hey guys thanks for the replies. I am taking all the advice into consideration. I am trusting in the quality of people on this sight that an investment in androsol and in Mag 10 for my bulking cycle will not be a waste of money. To be honest this sight is one of the only ones where I trust the content and opinions of other readers. I have been burned on many supplements before as I am sure everyone has at one time or another. Since no information on this sight has ever steered me wrong before. I am going to take the plunge and become a Biotest User. Wish me luck and thanks again. I will keep you all posted on my results.