Need Some Info, Please

ok im on HGH i have been takeing 2iu 5 days on 2 days off for just under 3 weeks now … i was told it would take some time to kick in … i was wondering if anyone has had experance with this and how long should it be before i see any results from this… also at the injection site it is kinda black and blue … this is the 1rst time i do anything like this so i dont know what to exspect … any help would be great thank you

Probably take about six months.
How old are you and why are you injecting yourself with shit when you don’t even know how it works?

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well i do get a good feeling … i am happier and dont get so stressed out in day to day life… but i havent noticed much weight loss yet… oh well still waiting lol my work outs have also gotten better … thank you for the advice

Are you running anything else with the GH?

You have to raise the other hormone levels also, at least some test.

Well imp taking a prohormone called Boldione… but that?s about it … the hgh came from my DR. … he has some test but it would be anadrol 50 tablets and I read some bad stuff about that … I tried to get info here on anadrol 50 but no one replied… I really don?t want to get stuff from a black market contact… so my chose of test would only be anadrol 50… I have 6 weeks left at 3 iu 5days on 2 off imp hoping to lose some fat… a few friends said I was looking a bit bigger more stocky with is good my work outs have been awesome but the fat loss has not been what I was expecting … I have been on 2 iu 5on/2off for the 1rst month (4weeks) any info anyone has to help or advise or even yell at me for what imp thinking of here would help… I have done research on what imp taking and what I think about taking but real life advice is always a good thing … thank you guys for helping a newbie out :slight_smile:

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You should up your dose to 3iu or 4iu for muscle gains.

Also the liver cannot convert GH the way you want it to into IGF-1 without the raising of other insulin, T3/T4 thyroid hormones, gonadotrophins, androgen/anobolic hormones, and even estrogen and corticosteroids.

You use the cocktail and you will get AMAZING results.

he he my DR loves me … i live in FL so i thnk its easyer to get here some law thingy… PM me bushidobadboy ill give you some of the info i know about it… its not cheap but it is leagle lol and thanks for always answering me back on things