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Need Some Ideas for my Powerlifting Routine

Hello everyone,

I have been training for 1-2years powerlifting with about 3years doing bodybuilding type training aswell and i need a few ideas for my program as i feel i am stepping into advance stage now.

I have tried already reducing my training to see if i was overtraining however this didnt appear to be the case,and also looked at nutrition however came to the conclusion it was the fact i was doing too little maybe.

My current lift totals as far as i am aware are

Bench 305lbs
Squat 560lbs
Deadlift 565lbs

However havent tested them since doing sheiko program about 3months ago,i have also done westside and a few other programs however really like to structure my own training.

This is my current training program if any of you could give some suggestions on what i could add/take out or change i would be grateful.

Squat 2x8-10 warm up work sets 1x6,1x1,1x6,1x1,1x6,1x1,1x15-20
1/4 squats 2x3
Barbell lunges 3x8-10
Single leg squats 2x20-30 (bw).

Bench press warm up 1x10,1x8 work set 1x5,1x3,1x5,1x3,1x5,1x3,1x20
Barbell Rows 4x8-10
Chin ups 4x6-8
Over head tricep extentions 4x12-15

Deadlift warm up 1x10,1x8 work set 1x5,1x4,1x3,1x5,1x4,1x3
clean pull warm ups 1x6 work sets 1x6
High pull warm ups 1x6 work sets 1x6
Shrugswarm ups 1x10,work sets 2x10

This is what i have been training with for the past 4weeks and its definatly increasing my pulling power and i seem to be gaining mass also.

Anyway a little help would be great


This is more of a question, because I don’t think i’m really in a position to give advice…

How did Sheiko go for you? Did your lifts improve faster doing your own workouts or using the Sheiko template? I’d stick to what improved me fastest, until i couldn’t really stand it, then have a few weeks doing the workouts i wanted to do and restart…

Couple of questions about your program: are all of those sets challenging or are they warming up to a last heavy couple of sets? You use a lighter higher rep set in between low rep sets, are you pushing hard every set? did you choose the rep ranges based on what improves you fastest or just what feels best?
It definitely looks interesting, if its working well for you it might need to go on the list of workouts i need to try … (its a long list)

Sheiko went pretty well indeed,but i cannot do it too often as its a shit load of volume and a little hard on my body,saying that i would definatly do it again,maybe if i was planning a competition as my 1rm shot up.

My program is very challenging,i dont tend to go to failure very often however do on occasions.If i am honest,as long as you are lifting dam heavy on the major compound movements you tend to get stronger/bigger anyway.I just add the accessories to work on some weak areas.

Apart from the above if you are new to powerlifting or training with weights in general i would recommend a 5x5 bill star program for starters so that you can build some muscle and get stronger.Then when you have done that there are many follow up programs.

Hope this helped

I think you could probably train upper body more than once a week, particularly because your bench isn’t as strong relative to your squat and deadlift.

Just my opinion

agreed, add in more tricep and shoulder work, if u lift raw, ull need alot of shoulder strength for the bottom part of the lift IMO