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Need Some High-School Dating Tips

So there’s this girl who I find attractive. She was in my gym class last year. This year I see her at lunch sitting at a table diagonal from mine. I’ve been thinking about making a move. How do I go on about doing this?
Spam me with dating advice.

Does she know who you are, or that you exist?

Yeah we spoke before

Do you share any common interests?

I think she works out. She used to go to the school weight room freshman year. I think she got a gym membership judging by snapchat.

I used to go on everyone of her Instagram lives. She would say hi. One time she said I was loyal cause I would always watch them. That was last summer lel.

Just ask if like to grab a coffee/juice/whatever next few days. -basically something low key, low pressure
Dont make big deal out of it

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This post makes me feel old as shit, but I guess I used to hit on girls on aol instant messenger, so I can relate- coming on too strong is a thing on the internet, too. I wish I could be like “ask her to get coffee” or something sensible like that, but you’re in high school. I used to find a way to sit next to a girl I liked in class or at lunch, make her laugh, get her number and go from there.


Lol! Right!

Exactly. It’s easy. Just start talking. Also, get used to making friends with girls. It’ll be easier when you talk to one you like.


Away messages got real as shit sometimes.

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Thanks guys

I’d say- it’s simple. I don’t know if it was ever easy for me, since I feared rejection in high school, but I went by the “fake it til you make it” mindset. And by “fake it”, I mean I pretended I wasn’t nervous, and that I didn’t care about possible rejection. and THEN it’s easy because you don’t seem needy or unsure of yourself.

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Ha, you got me! I started typing simple then deleted everything I wrote and went with ‘easy’ for some reason.

Yes, op, it’s simple, but hard to do.

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If I ask her if she wants to lift/workout with me after-school in the weightroom. Would that be too early?
and if she says no just forget about it?

I partied nonstop during high school and didn’t touch a weight til I was 18, so I can’t comment on the efficacy of asking her to workout. I can tell you that asking her to workout and then just forgetting about her if she says no isn’t a very solid strategy for winning her affection.

Hi, I’m a HS senior
TBH, she probably doesn’t know you’re into her and is equally afraid of approaching guys.
I wouldn’t suggest asking her out to the gym right away, especially if there’s debate over her commitment to the gym.
Maybe start with social media interaction (text, DMs etc) as a way to warm up and develop a connection until both of you guys feel comfortable enough to start in person interactions

Didn’t read the other replies so soz if repeating anything.

Depends how close or we’ll you guys know each other already but just starting a conversation and getting to know someone should be a good start. “Come gym with me tonight” maybe a bit forward but like “Hey…so and so, we were in gym class together. Mind if I sit here. Insert further conversation e.g. reflection on gym class, what she did/does outside of that gym class? Etc.”

Overall get to know her as a person, be genuine, look to connect.

Op … this


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Have you tried 5/3/1?


I’d pay money to listen to Jim Wendler give high school dating advice.

Better yet, Mark Rippetoe. The answer is squats

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