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Need Some Help

Hi everyone, Im 16 6 feet tall and i weigh 142 pounds. Im very athletic and slim. I play tennis very competitevely. Im benching 140 pounds at 8 reps and 180 on squats. The thing i dont get is that I Lift more than guys who are visually bigger than me. Im starting to lift 5 days a week is their anything else i can do?

I recently bought the creatine off this site it recomends loading, can anyone tell me what that is? and how to do

Eat lots and lift lots.

Eat 6 - 10 times a day. at your height i would try to eat atleast 3500 cals if not more.

Loading stage for creatine is where you take 4 servings a day at different times for 4 days. Then you go to normal servings. It allows your body to absorb the creatine faster. or more readly anyways.


Creatine loading is a waste of time. Unless you want to shell out a nice chunk of additional cash to get it cycling through your body a bit early don’t bother. 3500 calories is probably a safe starting point, although if you’re playinig tennis and lifting maybe you could bump it up a bit and just weigh yourself in the morning at the end of each week to make sure you’re not gaining too fast (most likely excess fat gain.) If you are cut them back (or increase if you’re not gaining much at all) by 250-300 a week till your at a place that works. Make sure to read the beginner articles and bone up on nutrition if you havn’t been paying much attention to it. As you’re a bit taller, make sure your going at least parallel on your squats. A lot of tall kids (hell even a lot of the short ones) in my school like to do quarter squats and get pissed off when you tell them to go parallel.

At 16 your just starting out and at that young age everyone has a different starting point. Some people are bigger looking but not as strong, some are smaller and explosive. It depends alot on genetics where you start out.

Where you end up is a different story, that all depends on how hard you work. your lifts are a solid starting point at 16 (I don’t know where you lift that there are alot of people not benching 1 plate and squatting atleast 2 for reps) so keep working hard, eating, and reading on this site and more size and strength will come.

And search for creatine in the articles section of this site, there is a lot of talking about them and loading. Then make your own educated decision on what you want to do. Or load this time and don’t next time adn see which works better.

Good luck going foward and remember your still young your main (physical) focus should be on eating alot and lifting alot.