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Need Some Help

Im 20 yeas old and I have been working out with weights seens i was about 14 not too hevy but for 1A football and things like that. IM about 5’9" 210 20%bf and most of it is in my belly fat. I bench about 235 and squat about 385. I can no longer go to a gym because that is not one around where i live so i have to just work out with chins, pullubs ,curl bar and bench press set. Now you might can see my problem.

Im trying to loose weight so that i can take off my shirt and not look so fat but at the same time I would like to put on a considerable amout of mass on my arms and chest. from what i know you need to eat quite a bit to build mass but if i do that my belly fat gets bigger so I need the advice of the wise. So if any one could help me with some eating and workouts or just tell me what i should do first I would apreciate it.

well you can do plenty with the the bench set: bench, DL, uprights rows, t-bar rows, etc easily… I suppose squatting if you could somehow rig up a rack of sorts??

I would definitely suggest interval cardio training, great for burning fat, and perfect for those of us who don’t like cardio. Sprints at the local track? I used it to blast through a weight loss plateau and shed some more fat a few months ago

Along with the above great advice learn some oly lifts. Learn to clean the bar then do front sqauat. Do the “Bear” its total body and will rip the fat off. Your only limited by your imagination