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Need Some Help


I have been “working out” 2 years. Now since a couple of months I havent seen real improvements.

So I am changing routines, training more and eating more proteins. My only problem is that I do not have acces to weights. Are there any exercices to replace weights and will have same effect? I know there’s chinups, situps, push ups, hand stand press up but that’s about it.

I recently found this site: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/OBB/OBB.html I do these exercices 3 times a week, do you guys think they work?

So I need exercises for strength training without weights!

Thanks a lot :smiley:

It’s just not possible that you don’t have access to any weights.
Perhaps you don’t have access to a gymn near you? But you can buy some dumbbells.
Perhaps you don’t have money?
But you can fill a plastic bag with sand.

Perhaps you are that unfortunate Nigerian colonel that got stuck in an obsolete Soyuz orbiting earth?

Well, why not try some rubber bands?They offer resistance, are dirt cheap, don’t take up much room…

i dont know how you managed to read that i got bored looking at it buy some buckets 20 kilo bags of manure punching bags look up body by fish

[quote]oztrav wrote:
i dont know how you managed to read that i got bored looking at it buy some buckets 20 kilo bags of manure punching bags look up body by fish[/quote]

What was the point of this post? And seriously work on your english. Don’t they speak english in Australia? :slight_smile:

To the OP- good luck finding strength training exercises without weights. I can imagine you’ll find conditioning stuff, but for real gains you really need the resistance. It’s not hard to put together a set of wieghts from stuff around the house, if you have to. Otherwise a good set of free weights and a bar at your local store or resale shop shouldn’t set you back much. Hell you could chekc out some garage sales and pick up some pretty decent stuff for next to nothing.

I find it hard to believe that you have no access to “weights.” Assuming you’re on the Earth, there will always be gravity, and things will always have weight, and you can use this weight to gain muscle (and, yes, that includes your weight).

If you want external resistance, and can’t afford/don’t want to/parents won’t let you pay to buy weights, I recommend you use a backpack. Fill the backpack with anything heavy (for me, it was textbooks back when I was in high school). Put on the backpack and do pushups. Put on the backpack and do pullups. Put on the backpack and do squats and lunges. If one backpack full of weight is too easy, put on two backpacks.

If you have the coordination for it, I woudl also recommend gymnastics drills. Christopher Sommer had a pretty awesome article about it (called “Building an Olympic Body with Gymnastic Training,” I think). Google it.