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Need Some Help

I’m new at this site, and was wondering if anyone can help me. sorry for the long post

I’m almost 16, about 6’1 , and around 150 pounds, I would like to get bigger since i have a skinny body, I go to the gym every other day, sometimes every day and do upper body one day, lower body the next with 4 sets of 7 reps. I try to eat as much as i can, but don’t have an actual schedule, and take protien powder after my workout, or in the morning on non workout days.

I took creatine for about 4 months and it seemed to help me push more weight, but i stopped for a little bit and felt a little weaker, so i decided to not take it at all … good idea or not?

In all my workouts i try to fail on the last set, or should i fail on the 3rd and switch to lower weight? or do i do the same weight for all 4 sets, increasing if neccsary and fail?

Am i on the right track, and does anyone have any tips to get bigger?

By the way, my bench is around 105 and kind of embarrasing , i seem to be on a plataeu and cant increase the weight.

Hope someone can help me out.

What does your routine look like? it seems you need to be eating more and on a more consistent basis

Ok, as if im working out every day, it would be something like this, doing 4 sets of 7, starting out with the bigger muscles first, failing on the fourth set.

Monday: Shoulders and Arms.

  1. Shoulder press sitting down(dumbells)
  2. Lateral raises
  3. some cable exercises
  4. shoulder shrugs
  5. deltoid fly
  6. tricep extensions( laying on bench)
  7. tricep push downs ( cables )
  8. tricep dumbell kick backs
  9. bicep curls
    10.hammer curls

Tuesday: Legs.
1.Leg press
4.leg extensions
5.calf raises

Wedensday: Chest.
1.Every week i switch from flat, incline ,decline bench press.
2.dumbell press
3.cable flys
4.overhead pullover
5.sometimes dips and pullups.

Thursday: Back, Abs:
1.Lat pulldown
2.Seated row
3.One arm row
4.Ab machines

Then i start over again, but like i said i dont workout every single day.

And for the chest, i always wondered if the same day do you do flat bench press, then decline, and then incline?, or specifically on chest days do i concentrate more on for example flat bench, then the next time i do incline etc… or how does that work?


I see some real problems with your workout. First of all you have 10 exercises for your arms/shoulders and 5 for your legs. In fact you have 19 upper body exercises compared to 5 lower body. I thought that you did one day upper, and one day lower?

My suggestion would be to look through the training archives and find a good full body workout like TBT, or even something like Lift fast get big or ABBH.

At your weight, just concentrate on eating LOTS. Your body will know what to do with it, and it you follow one of those solid training programs you will gain some good size and strength.


Hey man, thanks alot…

just got back from the store and got alot of good foods so I’ll be eating alot more.

I appreciate the help to both of you…

And i can’t find the TBT routine. amyone have a link?

which one is better TBT or Westside for Skinny Bastards for my situation?

Heres the link


TBT is less complicated, but either would be good.

Remember there isn’t one program that is the perfect program. Some might work better for you than others. Pick a few of the good ones here and cycle them through. Make steady progress with your weight increases and keep eating.


Thanks for the link, I’m going to start today.

If anyone can tell me on the TBT routine for the first workout it says:

“choose a weight near failure for you last set”

Does this apply to all the other workouts and weeks? Or after that would i choose a weight that pushes me to failure?

Here is what it says:

Load: Choose a weight that forces you to near-failure for the last rep of the last set.*

*This is the recommended load for all workouts.

Maybe you need to read the article again if you missed something simple like that.


heres what I’d do

quad dominant lower body bilateral
horizontal pressing
horizontal pulling
weighted core

hip dominant lower vbody bilateral
vertical pressing
vertical pulling
rotational core