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Need Some Help


A lil background n stuff before I start. I'm 13 and an obsessive football player. I recently got a bench to start lifting weights but It's kind of hgard figuring out were to start. so hes some stuff...

Height: 6'
Weight: 166
Bench: 30 (muscles arent adjusted to lifting)
Lat Tower: 50
Dips: 10 (with ease)

Like I said I'm fairly new and havent tried some things. but like ithers have said, diet, diet, diet. I'll be watching what I eat starting monday.

Like I said I play football. I really on my legs and speed but I really need some upper body strength. And by the way, I dont care how much I weigh. Weight doesn't matter, appearance and performance does.


jesus christ, 6 foot 166 pound 13 year olds? thats nuts!


Except for limitimg junk food I see little reason to monitor your diet at age 13.
Quite honestly, you're a little young to worry about a weightlifting 'program.' Bodyweight ex should suffice. Pullups, pushups,sprints, squats good to go.
How about you enjoy being a kid and an athlete.
Worry about your appearance later