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Need some help..

I start you off with a few stats… I am a fullback, I’m 5’11" 238 at around 9% bodyfat… I am just wondering if your legs can get too big… I mean 3 months ago, I was timed in the 40 at 4.68 with, at best, mediocre form. Today I ran 2 40s, my first was 4.78 and my second was 4.74 with equally as poor form.

Could I enhance my speed by stretching my hip flexors? I’m getting tired of these damn hip flexors, stretch them before your verticle jump (which worked WONDERS 4 inches higher than I had ever jumped), stretch them before squats, and even before bench press? I’m just about to cut them babies out! haha…

Would it be beneficial to continue squatting? My leg strength is no doubt right up there with NFL players. In my evening workout tonight I just completed 5x10 with 405 on squats and I barely struggled on the last 2 reps of my final set. Or instead of squatting, should I cut back on the heavy weights and increase the reps to the 15-25 range or perhaps even start doing more single squats? My legs just feel so bulky that the full range of motion is being inhibited, or so it seems.

I would also greatly appreciate it if you could post a series of approximately 7-10 pictures of a perfectly performed power clean and snatch. My power clean is stuck at 335 for 5 reps. I am thinking that I am not using my traps as much as I could be.

Finally, I was wondering if you knew of any speed coaches in the Tampa area who are reasonably affordable. I know that 1-2 months with an experienced speed coach would trim at least 2 tenths off my forty time, as I am well aware of my poor form, especially the first 3-5 yards.

Thank you very much for any input!

I remain,



Did you get a 10-yd. split time on your 40? It’s a good idea to look at how your time breaks down to understand where you need to place the focus in your training. If you’re slow in the start, you need to work on maximal strength. If it’s the last 30 yards that isn’t good, you’re better off working with reactive/plyometric strength work.


Here are just a couple of thoughts off of the top of my head:

Who timed you each time in the 40? Remember that a tenth of a second is about the time it takes you to blink your eye. If 2 different people timed you, you may not be slower. It can just be human error.

By the look of the weights that you’re lifting, you seem like a very strong kid! I would advise against your bodybuilding rep ranges on the squats. 5 sets of 10 is not the best thing for helping with your starts and explosive power. I’d rather see you do 10 sets of 2 with 405 and work on your acceleration. This rep range would make for 20 quality, explosive reps with 405lbs. Your bar speed is probably slowing down tremendously on reps 5-10 during your sets. Multiple sets of low reps with short rest intervals is the way to go.

My favorite hip flexor strengthening exercise is hip flexor sled drags. I’ve found them to help with sprinting speed.

Hope these tips helped.

First off, I would like to thank both of you for responding to my post!

The only reason I am doing such a high volume of reps is b/c of the workout program our strength coach has us do. I try to tell him that this is not the best for me, he keeps saying that I should just slow down my reps? Why so I can run play like I train? Yeah, I didn’t understand that.

Well, recently on squats I have been using a 301 tempo to make the weight harder. I can almost jump a few inches off the ground doing squats with heavy weight; the barbell even seems to fly off my back about a cm or two. Do you suggest a 101 tempo or just go up and down as fast as I can? Or should I do overhead squats?

What exactly is the hip flexor sled drag? I am currently doing sprints with a tire tied around my waist, is this equally as effective?

I’m telling you, if our offense would just run more I formation instead of 4 and 5 receiver sets, you’d know who I am…

Being a fullback, what separates the good ones from the great ones? What strengths? Lingering around 240, I wouldn’t like to get any bigger b/c I always figure that excess body fat will not do you any good.

Any hope on getting a series of pictures of a side view of power cleans and snatches?